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Mary Stewart, Princess of Scotland

January 24, 2013 , ,

Mary Stewart

Mary Stewart

Lady Mary Stewart, my 18th great grandmother, was princess of Scotland. She was married either three or four times, the first time to fulfill a contract made by her father.  This is an era during which my tree becomes very difficult to untangle and decipher.  Many of these royals married a whole bunch of people.  I ended up with ancestors from several different marriages combos.  I may live long enough to get it all straight.

Mary Stewart (1380 – 1458)
is my 18th great grandmother
Gilbert Kennedy (1406 – 1479)
Son of Mary
Elizabeth Kennedy (1434 – 1475)
Daughter of Gilbert
Isabella Vaus (1451 – 1510)
Daughter of Elizabeth
Marion Accarson (1478 – 1538)
Daughter of Isabella
CATHERINE GORDON (1497 – 1537)
Daughter of Marion
Lady Elizabeth Ashton (1524 – 1588)
Daughter of CATHERINE
Capt Roger Dudley (1535 – 1585)
Son of Lady Elizabeth
Gov Thomas Dudley (1576 – 1653)
Son of Capt Roger
Anne Dudley (1612 – 1672)
Daughter of Gov Thomas
John Bradstreet (1652 – 1718)
Son of Anne
Mercy Bradstreet (1689 – 1725)
Daughter of John
Caleb Hazen (1720 – 1777)
Son of Mercy
Mercy Hazen (1747 – 1819)
Daughter of Caleb
Martha Mead (1784 – 1860)
Daughter of Mercy
Abner Morse (1808 – 1838)
Son of Martha
Daniel Rowland Morse (1838 – 1910)
Son of Abner
Jason A Morse (1862 – 1932)
Son of Daniel Rowland
Ernest Abner Morse (1890 – 1965)
Son of Jason A
Richard Arden Morse (1920 – 2004)
Son of Ernest Abner
Pamela Morse
I am  the daughter of Richard Arden

Lady Mary Stewartd. c 1458p10533.htm#i105322Robert III Stewart, King of Scotlandb. 1337\nd. 4 Apr 1406p10210.htm#i102099Annabel Drummondb. c 1350\nd. c Oct 1401p10211.htm#i102103Robert I. Stewart, King of Scotlandb. 2 Mar 1316\nd. 19 Apr 1390p10210.htm#i102097Elizabeth Mure of Rowalland. b 1355p10210.htm#i102098Sir John Drummond, 11th of Lennoxb. 1318\nd. 1373p10247.htm#i102467Mary Montifexb. 1325p10247.htm#i102464Last Edited=13 Jan 2010Consanguinity Index=0.12%
Lady Mary Stewart was the daughter of Robert III Stewart, King of Scotland and Annabel Drummond.2 She married by contract, firstly, George Douglas, 1st Earl of Angus, son of William Douglas, 1st Earl of Douglas and Margaret Stewart, Countess of Angus, on 24 May 1397.1 She married, secondly, Sir James Kennedy of Dunure, younger, son of Sir Gilbert Kennedy of Dunure, circa 1404.1 She and Sir William Cunningham were engaged in July 1409.1 She married, thirdly, Sir William Graham on 13 November 1413.1 She married, fourthly, Sir William Edmondstone of Culloden, son of Sir Archibald Edmonstone, in 1425.3 She died circa 1458.3 She was buried at Strathbane Church, Scotland.3     Lady Mary Stewart gained the title of Princess Mary of Scotland.4 As a result of her marriage, Lady Mary Stewart was styled as Countess of Angus after 24 May 1397. From after 24 May 1397, her married name became Douglas. From circa 1404, her married name became Kennedy. From 13 November 1413, her married name became Graham. From 1425, her married name became Edmonstone.
Children of Lady Mary Stewart and Sir William Graham
Robert Graham1
Patrick Graham1 d. 1478
Child of Lady Mary Stewart and Sir William Edmondstone of Culloden
Sir William Edmonstone of Duntreath+5
Children of Lady Mary Stewart and George Douglas, 1st Earl of Angus
Lady Elizabeth Douglas+1
William Douglas, 2nd Earl of Angus+1 b. c 1398, d. Oct 1437
Children of Lady Mary Stewart and Sir James Kennedy of Dunure, younger
Sir John Kennedy1 d. a 1434
Mary Kennedy+6
Gilbert Kennedy of Dunure, 1st Lord Kennedy+1 b. c 1406, d. a 6 Mar 1478/79
James Kennedy1 b. 1405/6, d. Jul 1465
Alison Weir, Britain’s Royal Family: A Complete Genealogy (London, U.K.: The Bodley Head, 1999), page 228. Hereinafter cited as Britain’s Royal Family.
G.E. Cokayne; with Vicary Gibbs, H.A. Doubleday, Geoffrey H. White, Duncan Warrand and Lord Howard de Walden, editors, The Complete Peerage of England, Scotland, Ireland, Great Britain and the United Kingdom, Extant, Extinct or Dormant, new ed., 13 volumes in 14 (1910-1959; reprint in 6 volumes, Gloucester, U.K.: Alan Sutton Publishing, 2000), volume I, page 154. Hereinafter cited as The Complete Peerage.
Alison Weir, Britain’s Royal Family, page 229.
Cokayne, and others, The Complete Peerage, volume VII, page 121.
Charles Mosley, editor, Burke’s Peerage, Baronetage & Knightage, 107th edition, 3 volumes (Wilmington, Delaware, U.S.A.: Burke’s Peerage (Genealogical Books) Ltd, 2003). Hereinafter cited as Burke’s Peerage and Baronetage, 107th edition.
Sir Andrew, of Lochnaw Agnew, The Hereditary Sheriffs of Galloway (n.n.: n.n., 1893), page 271. Hereinafter cited as The Hereditary Sheriffs of Galloway.

The Later Scottish Kings (1371 - 1603) 

The Stewarts ruled Scotland for more than two centuries, and Great Britain for another century, yet their hold on the throne was often a tenuous one. Throughout the 15th and 16th centuries, each Scottish monarch succeeded to the throne whilst still a child or a minor, and the country was subjected to continuous faction fights amongst power-hungry nobles. That the dynasty survived at all was nothing short of a miracle. Even the abdication of Queen Mary I in 1567 did not ruin it, for her son James VI was guided by the magnates from his infancy along the path they wanted him to tread, and Elizabeth of England, of course, took care of the displaced Mary by first imprisoning and then executing here. Thus it was that the Stewarts - or Stuarts, as they had become when Mary had married into the French royal house - came to inherit also the throne of England. For Mary's grandfather. James IV, had married Margaret Tudor, daughter of Henry VII of England, and when Queen Elizabeth died without heirs in 1603, James VI of Scotland, the great-grandson of Margaret Tudor, was the English Queen's nearest surviving relative.

Robert II (1371-1390)
only child of Walter Stewart, 6th High Steward of Scotland, by his second wife and cousin the Princess Marjorie, half sister and heiress of line in her issue of David II, King of Scotland, and only dau. of Robert I, King of Scotland, by his first wife Lady Isabel of Mar
2 Mar 1315/6
mar. (1)
(dispensation dated 22 Nov 1347) Elizabeth Mure (d. bef. 1355), dau. of Sir Adam Mure of Rowallan
children by first wife
1. John, Earl of Carrick, later Robert III, King of Scotland
2. Walter Stewart, jure uxoris Earl of Fife (dsp. betw. 14 Aug 1362 and 10 Jan 1363), mar. bef. 1362 Lady Elizabeth Ramsay, suo jure Countess of Fife (b. bef. 1332; former wife of Sir William Ramsay of Colluthie, jure uxoris Earl of Fife; mar. (3) betw. 10 Jan 1363 and 8 Jun 1363 Sir Thomas Bisset of Upsetlington, jure uxoris Earl of Fife, and (4) John de Dunbar, jure uxoris Earl of Fife; d. after 12 Aug 1389), dau. of Duncan, 10th Earl of Fife, by his wife Lady Mary de Monthermer, dau. of Ralph [de Monthermer], 1st Baron Monthermer, by his wife the Princess Joan "of Acre", 5th dau. by his first wife of Edward I, King of England
3. Robert [Stewart], 1st Duke of Albany, Regent of Scotland 1388-1420, cr. 28 Feb 1361 Earl of Menteith and 28 Apr 1398 Duke of Albany (b. c. 1340/1; d. 3 Sep 1420), mar. (1) after 9 Sep 1361 Lady Margaret Drummond, suo jure Countess of Menteith (b. bef. 1334; former wife of (1) Sir John Murray of Bothwell (d. 1352), (2) Thomas, 9th Earl of Mar, and (3) Sir John Drummond of Concraig; d. betw. 20 Jul 1372 and 4 May 1380), dau. of Sir John Graham by his wife Lady Mary, suo jure Countess of Menteith, and had issue:
1a. Murdoch [Stewart], 2nd Duke of Albany (b. 1362; d. 25 May 1425), mar. betw. 17 Feb and 8 Nov 1392 Lady Elizabeth, suo jure Countess of Lennox (b. c. 1370; d. betw. 7 Oct 1456 and 4 May 1458), dau. of Duncan, 8th Earl of Lennox, by his wife Helen Campbell, dau. of Gillespie Campbell of Lochawe, and had issue:
1b. Robert Stewart, styled Master of Fife (dvp. betw. 1416 and Jul 1421)
2b. Sir Walter Stewart of Lennox, beheaded at Stirling (dvp. and sp. legit. 24 May 1425) - he had several mistresses and all his bastards were legitimated on 17 Apr 1479 - he was the ancestor of the Earls of Moray and of Castle Stewart
3b. Sir Alexander Stewart, beheaded at Stirling the day after his brother (d. 25 May 1425), mar. after 29 Apr 1422 his second cousin Egidia Sinclair (widow of Henry [Sinclair], 2nd Earl of Orkney; d. after 1438), sister and hrss. of Sir William Douglas of Nithsdale and only dau. of Sir William Douglas of Nithsdale (by his wife Lady Egidia Stewart, 2nd dau. by his second wife of Robert II, King of Scotland), illegit. son of Archibald [Douglas], 3rd Earl of Douglas
4b. Sir James Stewart of Baldorran (dsp. legit. bef. 18 May 1451), and had issue
1b. Lady Isabella Stewart, mar. Sir Walter Buchanan, 13th of Buchanan, and had issue
1a. Lady Janet Stewart
2a. Lady Mary Stewart, mar. Sir William Abernethy of Saltoun (d. 1420), and had issue
3a. Lady Margaret Stewart, mar. c. 1392 Sir John de Swinton of Swinton (d. 1402), and had issue
4a. Lady Joan Stewart, mar. after 27 Sep 1397 Robert Stewart of Lorne and Innermeath (d. 1449), and had issue
5a. Lady Beatrice Stewart (dsp. c. 1424), mar. James [Douglas], 7th Earl of Douglas and 1st Earl of Avonmore
6a. Lady Isabella Stewart, mar. (1) before 1398 Alexander [Leslie], 9th Earl of Ross, and (2) betw. 1402 and 2 Feb 1408 Walter Haliburton of Dirleton, and had issue by both husbands
The 1st Duke of Albany mar. (2) after 4 May 1380 Muriella Keith (d. bef. 1 Jun 1449), dau. of Sir William Keith by his wife Margaret Fraser, dau. of John Fraser, and had further issue:
2a. John [Stewart], 3rd Earl of Buchan (b. 1381; d. 17 Aug 1424), mar. Nov 1413 his first cousin once removed Lady Elizabeth Douglas (mar. (2) Sir Thomas Stewart, and (3) William [Sinclair], 3rd Earl of Orkney; d. bef. 1451), only dau. of Archibald [Douglas], 4th Earl of Douglas, by his wife the Lady Margaret Stewart, 1st dau. of Robert III, King of Scotland, and had issue:
1b. Lady Margaret Stewart, mar. bef. 1436 George [Seton], 1st Lord Seton, and had issue
3a. Andrew Stewart (d. bef. 1413)
4a. Sir Robert Stewart, de jure 4th Earl of Buchan (d. after 1431)
7a. Lady Marjorie Stewart, mar. as his first wife Duncan [Campbell], 1st Lord Campbell, and had issue
8a. Lady Elizabeth Stewart, mar. bef. 28 Jun 1413 Sir Malcolm Fleming of Biggar and Cumbernauld (d. 1440), and had issue
4. Alexander [Stewart], 1st Earl of Buchan, called "the Wolf of Badenoch", cr. 30 Mar 1371 Lord of Badenoch, 22 Jul 1382 Earl of Buchan and styled Earl of Ross jure uxoris from Jul 1382 (b. c. 1343 ; dsp. legit. before 25 Mar 1406), mar. 22 Jul 1382 Lady Euphemia Leslie, suo jure Countess of Ross (b. after 1342; widow of Sir Walter Leslie, jure uxoris Earl of Ross; d. betw. 5 Sep 1394 and 20 Feb 1395), dau. of William, 7th Earl of Ross, by his wife Mary of the Isles, dau. of Angus Og, Lord of the Isles
1. Elizabeth, mar. before 7 Nov 1372 Sir Thomas de la Haye of Erroll (d. 1406), and had issue
2. Isabella, mar. (1) after 24 Sep 1371 James [Douglas], 2nd Earl of Douglas, and (2) betw. 1358 and 1390 Sir John Edmondston of Duntreath, and had issue by both husbands
3. Jean (d. after 1404), mar. (1) 17 Jan 1373/4 Sir John Keith (d. 1375), (2) betw. 27 Jun 1376 and 4 Oct 1376 Sir John Lyon of Glamis (d. 1382), and (3) c. Nov 1384 Sir James Sandilands of Calder, and had issue by all three husbands
4. Katherine (d. after 1394), mar. Sir Robert Logan of Restalrig, and had issue
5. Margaret, mar. after 14 Jun 1350 John [Macdonald], Lord of the Isles, and had issue
6. Marjorie (d. after 6 May 1417), mar. (1) after 11 Jul 1370 John [de Dunbar], Earl of Moray, and (2) before 24 Apr 1403 Sir Alexander Keith of Grandown, and had issue by both husbands
mar. (2)
(dispensation dated 2 May 1355) Lady Euphemia Randolph (widow of John [Randolph], 3rd Earl of Moray; d. 1387), dau. of Hugh, 6th Earl of Ross, by his wife Margaret Graham
children by second wife
5. David [Stewart], 1st Earl of Strathearn and of Caithness, cr. 26 Mar 1371 Earl Palatine of Strathearn and betw. 21 Nov 1375 and 28 Dec 1377 Earl of Caithness (b. c. 1356; d. before 5 Mar 1389), mar. ..... Lindsay, dau. of Sir Alexander Lindsay of Glenesk by his wife Katherine Stirling, dau. of Sir John Stirling of Glenesk, and had issue:
1a. Lady Euphemia Stewart, suo jure Countess of Caithness and Strathearn (b. before 1375; d. 15 Oct 1434), mar. (1) bef. 24 Aug 1406 Sir Patrick Graham of Dundaff and Kilpont (d. 1413), and (2) Sir Patrick Dunbar of Bele (d. after 1438), and had issue by both husbands
6. Walter [Stewart], 1st Earl of Atholl, cr. 1378 Lord of Brechin, bef. Jul 1402 Earl of Caithness (resigned in favour of son 13 Dec 1429), c. 28 Apr 1404 Earl of Atholl, 22 Sep 1409 Lord of Cortachy and 22 Jul 1427 Earl Palatine of Strathearn (v. c. 1360; d. 26 Mar 1437), mar. before 19 Oct 1378 Margaret de Barclay (d. before 1 Aug 1404), dau. of Sir David de Barclay of Brechin, by his wife Janet Keith, dau. of Sir Edward Keith of Synton, and had issue:
1a. Alexander [Stewart], 2nd Earl of Caithness (dvp. 1431)
2a. David Stewart (dvp. after Feb 1433), mar., and had issue:
1b. Sir Robert Stewart, Master of Atholl (d. 26 Mar 1437)
7. Elizabeth, mar. c. 1384 David [Lindsay], 1st Earl of Crawford, and had issue
8. Egidia/Jill (d. after 1388), mar. c. 1387 Sir William Douglas of Nithsdale, and had issue
19 Apr 1390
16 Feb 1341/2 Earl of Atholl
bef. 1357/8 Earl of Strathearn
suc. by
son by first wife
suc. his father 9 Apr 1326/7 as 7th High Steward of Scotland; Regent of Scotland 1335-41 and 1346-57; suc. his uncle 22 Feb 1370/1 as King of Scotland

Robert III (1390-1406)
c. 1367 Annabella Drummond (b. c. 1350; d. c. Oct 1401), dau. of Sir John Drummond of Stobhall, by his wife Mary Montifex, dau. of Sir William Montifex
1. David, cr. betw. 19 Apr 1390 and 2 Jan 1391 Earl of Carrick, 28 Apr 1398 Duke of Rothesay and 6 Sep 1398 Earl of Atholl (b. 24 Oct 1378; dvp. and sp. 26 Mar 1402), mar. Feb 1399/1400 Lady Marjorie Douglas (mar. (2) 1403 Sir Walter Haliburton of Dirleton; d. bef. 11 May 1421), only dau. of Archibald [Douglas]. 3rd Earl of Douglas, by his wife Lady Joan Moray, widow of Sir Thomas Moray, Lord of Bothwell, and only child and hrss. of Maurice [Moray], 1st Earl of Strathearn
2. James, Duke of Rothesay later James I, King of Scotland
3. Robert (d. unm.)
1. Margaret (d. betw. 26 Jan 1449 and Sep 1456), mar. bef. 1390 Alexander [Douglas], 4th Earl of Douglas later 1st Duke of Touraine, and had issue
2. Mary (d. c. 1458), mar. (1) after 24 May 1397 George [Douglas], 1st Earl of Angus, (2) 1404 Sir James Kennedy, Yr. of Dunure;  (3) 13 Nov 1413  Sir William Graham of Kincardine and Old Montrose; and (4) 1425 Sir William Edmondstone of Duntreath, and had issue by all four husbands
3. Egidia (d. unm.)
4. Elizabeth (d. bef. 1411), mar. bef. 10 Nov 1387 Sir James Douglas of Dalkeith (d. 1441), and had issue
4 Apr 1406
suc. by

James I (1406-1437)
Dec 1394
2 Feb 1423/4 Lady Joan Beaufort (mar. (2) 1439 Sir James Stewart of Lorne; d. 15 Jul 1445), 1st dau. of John [Beaufort], 1st Marquess of Somerset (by his wife Lady Margaret de Holand, 2nd dau. of Thomas [de Holand], 2nd or 5th Earl of Kent), 1st son of John "of Gaunt", 1st Duke of Lancaster (by his third wife and former mistress Katherine de Swynford, widow of Sir Hugh de Swynford, of Coleby and Kettlethorpe, co. Lincoln, and 2nd dau. and cohrss. of Sir Payn de Roët, Guienne King of Arms), 4th son of Edward III, King of England
1. Alexander, Duke of Rothesay (b. 16 Oct 1430; dvp. 1430)
2. James, Duke of Rothesay, later King James II
1. Margaret (b. Dec 1424; dsp. 16 Aug 1445), mar. 24 Jun 1436 Louis XI, King of France
2. Isabella (d. 1494), mar. 30 Oct 1442 Francis I, Duke of Britanny, and had issue
3. Eleanor (b. 26 Oct 1427; dsp. 1480), mar. 12 Feb 1449 Sigismund of Tyrol, Archduke of Austria
4. Joan (b. c. 1428; d. 16 Oct 1486), mar. bef. 15 May 1459 James [Douglas], 1st Earl of Morton, and had issue
5. Mary, suo jure Countess of Buchan (d. 20 Mar 1465), mar. 1444 Wolfert van Borssele, Count of Grandpré, and had issue
6. Annabel, mar. (1) 14 Dec 1447 (div. 1458) Louis of Savoy, Count of Geneva, and (2) bef. 10 Mar 1459/60 (div. 24 Jul 1471) as his second wife George [Gordon], 2nd Earl of Huntly, and had issue by her second husband
21 Feb 1436/7
suc. by

James II (1437-1460)
16 Oct 1430
3 Jul 1449 Mary of Guelders (b. 1433; d. 1 Dec 1463), dau. of Arnold, Duke of Guelders, by his wife Katherine of Cleves, dau. of Adolf, Duke of Cleves
1. James, Duke of Rothesay, later King James III
2. Alexander [Stewart], 1st Duke of Albany, cr. 8 Jul 1455 Baron of Annandale and Earl of March; 4 Jul 1457 Duke of Albany; titles declared forfeit 4 Oct 1479, restored 1482, cr. Sep 1482 Earl of Mar and Garioch, titles declared forfeit again 27 Jun 1483 (b. c. 1445/5; d. 1485), mar. (1) c. 1475 (div. 2 Mar 1478 and issue declared illegitimate) his second cousin Lady Katherine Sinclair, 1st dau. of William [Sinclair], 3rd Earl of Orkney later 1st Earl of Caithness, by his first wife and cousin Lady Elizabeth Douglas, only dau. of Archibald [Douglas], 4th Earl of Douglas, by his wife Lady Margaret Stewart, 1st dau. of Robert III, King of Scotland, and had issue:
1a. Andrew Stewart
2a. A son (b. 1477; d. bef. 1479)
3a. Alexander Stewart, Bishop of Moray 1528-37 (b. c. 1478; dsp. legit. 19 Dec 1537)
1a. Lady Margaret Stewart (d. after 5 Jul 1542), mar. Sir Patrick Hamilton of Kincavil (d. 1520)
The 1st Duke of Albany mar. (2) betw. 16 Jan 1479 and 4 Dec 1479 Anne de la Tour (mar. (2) 17 Feb 1487 Louis, Count of La Chambre; d. 13 Oct 1512), dau. of Bertrand de la Tour, Count of Auvergne, by his wife Louise de la Trémouille, dau. of George de la Trémouille, Seigneur de la Trémouille, and had further issue:
4a. John [Stewart], 2nd Duke of Albany, Regent of Scotland 1515-24 (b. c. 1483; dsp. legit. 2 Jun 1536), mar. 13 Jul 1505 his first cousin Anne de la Tour, suo jure Countess of Auvergne and Boulogne (b. after 1495; d. Jun 1524), dau. of John de la Tour, Count of Auvergne and Lauraguais, by his wife Joan of Vendôme, dau. of John of Bourbon, Count of Vendôme
3. David [Stewart], 1st Earl of Moray, cr. 12 Feb 1456 Earl of Moray (b. bef. 12 Feb 1456; d. bef. 16 Jul 1457)
4. John [Stewart], 1st Earl of Mar and Garioch, cr. betw. 21 Jun 1458 and 25 Jun 1459 Earl of Mar and Garioch (b. after Oct 1456; d. 9 Jul 1479)
1. Mary (b. bef. 16 May 1452; d. c. May 1488), mar. (1) bef. 26 Apr 1467 (div. Feb 1473/4) Thomas [Boyd], 1st Earl of Arran, and (2) bef. Apr 1474 James [Hamilton], 1st Lord Hamilton, and had issue by both husbands
2. Margaret
3 Aug 1460
suc. by

James III (1460-1488)
10 Jul 1452
13 Jul 1469 Margaret of Denmark (c. 1456/7; d. 14 Jul 1486), dau. of Christian I, King of Denmark, Norway and Sweden, by his wife Dorothy of Brandenburg, dau. of John III, Margrave and Elector of Brandenburg-Culmbach
1. James, Duke of Rothesay, later King James IV
2. James [Stewart], 1st Duke of Ross, cr. 1476 (sic?) Marquess of Ormonde, 23 Jan 1481 Duke of Ross and 29 Jan 1488 Earl of Ardmannach and Lord of Brechin and Nevar (b. Mar 1476; d. 12 Jan 1504)
3. John [Stewart], 1st Earl of Mar, cr. 2 Mar 1486 Earl of Mar (b. betw. 16 Jul 1479 and 12 Jul 1480; d. 11 Mar 1503)
11 Jun 1488
suc. by

James IV (1488-1513)
17 Mar 1472/3
8 Aug 1503 Princess Margaret of England (b. 28 Nov 1489; mar. (2) 6 Aug 1514 (div. 11 Mar 1527/8) as his second wife Archibald [Douglas], 6th Earl of Angus, and (3) Mar 1528 Henry [Stewart], 1st Lord Methven; d. 18 Oct 1541), 1st dau. of Henry VII, King of England, by his wife Lady Elizabeth Plantagenet, 1st dau. of Edward IV, King of England
1. James, Duke of Rothesay (b. 21 Feb 1507 ; dvp. 27 Feb 1508)
2. Arthur, Duke of Rothesay (b. 20 Oct 1509; dvp. 14 Jul 1510)
3. James, Duke of Rothesay, later James V, King of Scotland
4. Alexander [Stewart], 1st Duke of Ross (b. 12 Apr 1514; d. 18 Dec 1515)
1. a dau. (b. and d. 15 Jul 1508)
2. a dau. (b. and d. Nov 1512)
9 Sep 1513 (k. at the Battle of Flodden)
suc. by

James V (1513-1542)
10 Apr 1512
mar. (1)
1 Jan 1536/7 Madeline of France (b. 10 Aug 1520; dsp. 7 Jul 1537), dau. of Francis I, King of France, by his wife Claude of France, dau. of Louis XII, King of France
mar. (2)
May 1538 Marie of Guise, Regent of Scotland 1554-60 (b. 22 Nov 1515; widow of Louis II, Duke of Longueville; d. 10 Jun 1560), dau. of Claude I of Lorraine, Duke of Guise, by his wife Antoinette of La Marche, dau. of Francis I de Bourbon, Count of La Marche and Vendôme
children by second wife
1. James, Duke of Rothesay (b. 22 May 1540; dvp. Apr 1541)
2. Arthur, Duke of Albany (b. and dvp. Apr 1541)
1. Mary, later Mary I, Queen of Scotland
14 Dec 1542
suc. by
daughter by second wife

Mary I (1542-1567)
7 Dec 1542
mar. (1)
24 Apr 1558 Francis II, King of France
mar. (2)
29 Jul 1565 her half-cousin Hon Henry Stewart, styled Lord Darnley, cr. 15 May 1565 Lord Ardmanach, Earl of Ross and Duke of Albany (d. 10 Feb 1566/7), 1st son and heir of Matthew [Stewart], 4th or 13th Earl of Lennox, by his wife Lady Margaret Douglas, only child of Archibald [Douglas], 6th Earl of Angus, by his second wife Princess Margaret of England, widow of James IV, King of Scotland, and 1st dau. of Henry VII, King of England
only child by second husband
1. James, Duke of Rothesay, later James VI, King of Scotland
mar. (3)
15 May 1567 James [Hepburn], 4th Earl of Bothwell, cr. 12 May 1567 Duke of Orkney (dsp. 14 Apr 1578)
8 Feb 1586/7
suc. by
son by second husband
abdicated 24 Jul 1567

James VI (1567-1625)
suc. his cousin Elizabeth I, Queen of England, 24 Mar 1603 as James I, King of England

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wow. that’s carrying your lineage back a long ways


Stevie Wilson (@LAStory)

January 25, 2013

Since discovering royal ancestors myself and being quite familiar with other Scottish and England’s history, I knew it would be near impossible to figure it all out.



August 12, 2013

I have found myself related to the same person a few different ways..this can be wildly confusing..when you go back and fuse the trees..and not all the records we accurate..that is important to remember.



August 12, 2013

Hi, I am Stella and live in North Carolina. My family tree also takes me back to the Stewarts, and I have the DNA results from Ancestry from my father, whose line goes back to James II King of Scotland, and Mary Stewart, as you have so well written about… but even my husband is skeptical about these findings. So far, I do not see any ‘matches’ to the name Stewart on our DNA results. I do have lots of Cunninghams. I wonder if it is too distant? I was told that the DNA goes back 1000 years at least. I am finding myself totally engaging in the history of Scotland and it boggles the mind. My email address is if you would like to correspond. Thanks!


Stella Dale Templin

June 19, 2014

I have not been that into the DNA results, but love to build the tree. I do find errors from time to time..but then it is all done by humans. Thanks for stopping by.



June 19, 2014

Mary stewart, Princess of scotland is a 9th great grandmother of Johann Reinhold Forster a naturalist who travelled around the world with Captain James cook on board the ship Resolution in 1772 and Johann is my 6th great grandfather. I am New Zealand Maori.


Thomas Wharekawa

May 5, 2015

Oh Thomas, this is by far the most thrilling news of distant relatives I have received. WOW!!!!It is a real pleasure to meet you.


Pamela Morse

May 5, 2015

1 notes

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