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As Above, so Below-the Border

December 24, 2012 , , , , ,

How irresistible is untaxed profit?  So magnetic that a Border Patrol agent just was stupid enough to load a large shipment of dirt weed into to his migramobile for transport right next to the border recently.  I live in Tucson, in the slipstream of untaxed profit provided by the border. It feels to me like the economy that transpires outside the law, under the table, is much greater than legal business in my state. We are so damn fast, furious, heavily armed, and racist that anything can and does happen.  South of the border, down Mexico way, kingpins of crime created  a much stronger economy than the local legal economy. They now have their own saint which is a sure sign that they are in control. The border itself offers them the risk reward system of illegal commerce that increases their power and wealth. Sure, they have guns (supplied by us), but they only enforce their special jurisdiction with guns. If they had no economy based on smuggling they would have no power in Mexico or the US, thus no need for a saint.

  • The closer to the border, the higher the risk/reward.
  • The closer to the border, the more violent the scene
  • The closer to the border, the higher the pay for crime
  • The closer to the border, the higher the bribes

At the border everything is exponentially magnified and all the cops are criminals, all the sinners saints.  Stakes are high and the dominant criminal precedent has been set in place forever.  Smuggling pays well, and pays law enforcement the highest salaries, one would imagine.  The fence that was built to solve our bizzillion border issues has magnetized them.  The pay is now higher to break laws at the border, and the violence much greater.  Every pendejo who loves lawlessness is attracted to the Arizona/Sonora border. Why?  It is simple.  The pinche-punk criminals flock to both sides of the border because the border itself is pura pendejada.  The migra doesn’t even have a saint. How pathetic is that?

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