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October 2, 2013 , , , , ,

healthy food

healthy food

The way words are used has a big effect on culture and expectations. The words health care have come to mean prescription drugs and medical procedures. Wellness has come to mean any kind of body work, cleanse, or restrictive diet. What is even more debilitating to the public health is that insurance policies determine the care most people use.  There is abuse on both sides, by wellness quacks and medical losers. Wellness or health coaches are essentially practicing counseling in everything from nutrition to psychiatry.  The unhealthy American population is vulnerable and guilty, willing to jump to all kinds of conclusions, buying into all kinds of cures and programs.  The market is so crowded the consumer has been confused by all the possibilities.  Now the public will need to understand how health insurance functions.  This is a giant leap for the citizens, a shock to the system.

I made a living teaching and promoting health and wellness through water for many years.  I have enjoyed waters and spas all over the world and had the pleasure of teaching many wonderful students.  I have a strong healthy body that I treat to the best food and body work I can afford to give it.  Since I love movement, I move.  I don’t take any prescription drugs; my plan is to avoid them. The reasons I am keeping my insurance policy as it is, and not vexing myself trying to read all the  options are:

  • In two years I will have Medicare, which I do understand well from the parental care I did.
  • My policy allows me to go to any provider I choose
  • If I change I will undergo an unknown medical exam requirement I do not care to do
  • I am satisfied with the service when I do have a transaction with the company
  • I am guaranteed to get a rebate under the new laws because I use far less than 20% of my premium costs each year on covered services.
  • My senior care experience taught me that it is very difficult to know what will and will not be covered; the only way to find out is to need something, then be denied.
  • My senior care duties showed me the many entities out there financially abusing seniors by swindling Medicare.  I am sure this has not improved since my parents died.
  • I am convinced that the shopping on the exchanges will damage my wellbeing.
  • My time is better spent in the pool increasing my core strength and flexibility.
  • Staying away from the crisis in health care is healthy.

What do you think?

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The american system seems so complicated! Our own NHS is by no means perfect but it does at least provide an adequate minimum level of care for everyone


October 3, 2013

Well that’s a good thing. I have been digging into the various health care options for my daughter.. bec she qualifies for the new insurance plan.. the places she has worked for had horrible – if any- plans for PT workers


Stevie Wilson (@LAStory)

October 6, 2013

This is all still very confusing to me, but I like your preventative care approach. The best way to live is actively, giving your body movement and good food, bravo!


Jess @UsedYorkCity

October 7, 2013

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