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Prime Shopping, Free Shipping

November 17, 2013 , , ,



assorted marzipan

assorted marzipan

I enrolled again in Amazon’s 30 day trial of the Prime membership. I have done this before but not paid much attention to all the benefits.  They allow you to quit within the trial period, which I did.  Now I have been on a book diet for a year, and am curious about Kindle and the lending library. I had Kindle on iPad, but the Amazon Prime offer will only be available to members who own a Kindle devise. We have wanted to dump cable television for a while and wonder if the streaming video content from Amazon would be one way to wean ourselves.  Amazon is not making it easy for Apple customers to get into the video program.  I can watch on my iPad, but to get it on my big TV I had to buy a streaming device.  I quickly found that Roku is compatible and the unit was very reasonably priced.  The Kindle Fire HD  fancy reader was on sale too.  Since I can have instant gratification with the 2 day free delivery I decided to wrap up all the household holiday shopping on the spot, on the laptop. On Tuesday I will have, via free delivery service:

  • The streaming Roku player to access the video library
  • The Kindle Fire HD to access my library and the lending library
  • Two boxes of individually wrapped flavored marzipan

If our household can’t find enough entertainment and reading material to enjoy while we snack away on our marzipan from Germany we are just too lame for holidays.  All we need to add are a few tasty homemade treats and some quality time entertaining our friends.  During the holidays I like to drive even less than usual, so having everything we need at home is key to my enjoyment.  If I am missing anything, Amazon will deliver it for free in 2 days.  That is reassuring.  I do feel that I have done some very Prime shopping.  They will probably keep me on for the year this time.

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I’ve been recommended Amazon Prime by other people (in the US), but I am not sure I use it enough to make it worth while. A bit like you I guess


November 17, 2013

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    […] and wonder if you can lower your entertainment bill, now is a good time to try the 30 day free Amazon Prime membership.  The only down side I can think of is that I am not shopping local when I get my items […]


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