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Posh Dining

December 15, 2013 , ,

Our first meal at Posh in Scottsdale was so memorable we have wanted to return for more.  The first two weeks of December are low season in tourism the world around, so we made the trip our holiday party.  The menu lists assorted groceries on hand, and the guest indicates any type of meat not desired in the meal.  I am a vegetarian, which is all they need to know about me.  The chef then creates culinary  improvisation around the guest’s wishes.

We like to sit up at the bar because we talk to the chefs and watch while they are cooking the food.  The night started with fresh potato chips with seaweed and drinks.  Each plate was packed with flavor and art.  All the presentations are appealing and imaginative.  Bob enjoyed the exotic boar bacon and perfectly cooked scollops.  The ginger wasabi slaw on top of ramen noodle cakes were a highlight, but all of mine were enjoyable and unusual.  We know when we come to enjoy our dinner at Posh we will be given a sensual treat and be served with impeccable professionalism. It remains on a very high pedestal in my mind.  The experience is superior to regular menu/dining in many ways. I have tried combinations I would not have ordered, but discovered I like.  It is more of an adventure than just a meal.  You can choose as many courses as you care to taste, add extras, and wine pairings a la carte.  When you go home they give you a tiny take home sweet to remind you of what a jewel of  a restaurant it is.

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ohhh, that does sound good. I love duck confit and I love the idea of boar bacon on polenta


December 15, 2013

Yes, you would have been very happy here, and you and bob could expand the tasting by sharing..



December 16, 2013

Do you like soft shell crabs? I tried them at a good fish house in my city but I wasn’t that impressed. wondering how different restos prepare them. The scallops and the veggies lookawesome


Stevie Wilson (@LAStory)

December 22, 2013

I have not eaten crabs since I was very young and went to the San Jacinto Inn in Galveston with my parents to eat them.. I did like them then..but I ate all manner of stuff in my youth. All the meat dishes were Bob’s..and he loved them all..crab included.



December 23, 2013

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