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Self Control, Trip to the Festival of Books

March 17, 2014 , , , ,

My strong love of reading has compelled me to do many things, including restricting my book consumption on a 3 book diet last year.  My consumer weakness it is for art and books.  I never seem to have enough of either one, even though I have more than I can store in my present circumstances.  The Kindle has helped me to reduce the space I dedicate to books, but the passion to read everything all the time was not diminished by the diet.  If anything I am rebounding since November when I allowed myself to buy books once more. I have loaded up on both print and Kindle books, plus I had a big backlog from the book diet year that I had acquired and not opened.  I am back in full force as crazy reading woman, proving once and for all that diets just do not work.

Attending the Tucson Festival of books for the first time was amazing to me.  The super well-organized event takes place on the U of A campus in buildings and in various tents set up for the weekend.  Windy weather did not deter the visitors or participants from having wonderful time.  Presentations for readers as well as writers are given all day both Saturday and Sunday.  A giant food court assures that spending the day there will require no sacrifice.  I did not eat or attend a session, but I thoroughly enjoyed all the tents I visited.  Volunteers make sure the crowd is informed.  Families with kids can participate in several ongoing demonstrations, book give aways, and photo ops with favorite characters from children’s literature .  I bought some great cookbooks, two of historical significance, from the Assistance League tent and a book of memoirs from an Albuquerque lawyer, Laws and Loves Part I, Real Stories of the Rattlesnake Lawyer.  I am a sucker for books that contain the word rattlesnake in the title. I am also planning to attend a free introductory class by the Writer’s Studio in Tucson.  I have some desire to write poetry, and this group offers workshops that are convenient and well priced.  Who knows, gentle readers, where this may go.  Maybe all this reading will help me learn to write.  Stay tuned; the plot may thicken.

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I do pre-publication book reviews – works a treat for me because I get a ‘free’ supply of books in return for a 300 word write up. Worth looking into perhaps?



March 22, 2014

Thanks for the idea. That is a super match. I will keep it in mind, but I think my treasure trove is big enough as it is. I believe my next move is to study writing to improve my skills, and that will include some reading like a writer, instead of the woman who wants to be omniscient..



March 22, 2014

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