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Meditation and Childhood

May 22, 2014 , ,

We may not have had formal training in meditation as children, but we probably had profound spiritual experiences as a natural part of childhood.  Contemplation is a normal activity.  When life is undisturbed we contemplate our surroundings, our connection to the universe, and more. If you scan your past for times during which you felt connected, in a state of grace, or full of bliss you will find them.  By bringing back the feeling of spontaneous enlightening experiences we might be able to recreate that magic today.  Our conscious minds often cling to our problems, our challenges, and our individual specialty suffering, keeping these wounds close to the surface.  Through practice we can train the mind to hold on to the positive, unexplained flashes of light and insight, treating them as our natural state. Bringing contemplation and spacious states of mind into our practice is liberating.  The long term benefits can be compared to  physical strength or agility in the body.  We don’t know what demands the future will put on that preparation.  We can only learn when an event challenges that strength.  We know we will encounter stressful situations and loss in our lives.  A meditative state of mind is the very best investment/tool to cope with adversity that can be acquired.

There are many forms of meditation.  A qualified teacher is not always available, but can show the student how to create the transition into mindfulness.  If you believe that you have never meditated, let your memory go over the special times of youth that stand out in your memory today.  You will probably be able to identify a few enchanted, enlightened times that brought you a glimpse into eternity.  That lightness is a state that is available to you always.  What is required is a steady practice.  Walking, chanting, sitting….the style does not matter as long as it suits the user.   The pure state of bliss meditation brings the practitioner is the armor that protects the mind from stress and worry. It is the true fountain of youth.


Wisdom springs from meditation;
without meditation wisdom wanes.
Having known these two paths of progress and decline,
let one so conduct oneself that one’s wisdom may increase.

Dhammapada 20.282

The Buddha

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what a great post! It’s very smart about opening your mind, heart and soul to love, spirit and meditation.


lovely post, it makes me feel peaceful just reading it!


May 26, 2014

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