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K9 Piper Salutes the Blue Angles

July 2, 2016 , , , ,

My latest K9 crush is a border collie who works for the US Coast Guard on Lake Michigan, at an airport. K9 Piper patrols for wildlife around the airport and fulfills various duties with his human partners.  Because he often works on an active runway he is fitted with special goggles to protect his eyes. He looks darling in them, but they serve a very useful purpose.  He also wears ear muffs  to protect his hearing when a plane or helicopter is landing.  The look is so cute I can hardly stand it.

This week he is working his popular instagram profile to salute the Blue Angles Navy flight team.  I love the way his eyewear provider custom designed tribute goggles to honor fallen Angel Captain Jeff Kuss. Piper’s eyewear represents the best kind of partnership when he lets folks know about high quality dog goggles (for those who need this sort of thing) and sends his own personal canine message of tribute at the same time.  #HappyFourthofJuly #airportk9 Piper.  You rule.

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Love the dog photos. So cute… and that you can see the images in the goggles is also very cool!


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