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Do You Hear What I Hear?

December 5, 2016 1 Comment

Do you hear what I hear?

Do you hear what I hear?

Listening with full attention is an art and a skill. I believe one can listen to several layers of reality. I listen to music all day which I pipe into my environment on purpose. At the same time I read posts from all over the world making an effort to truly lend an ear to each point of view. I am sure I edit in favor of my own proclivities all the time.  I hear what I want to hear, like all my fellow humans.  The written word has less power over the brain to create action than the sound of the spoken voice. We can skim over either written or spoken words by drifting off with our attention. The question is, what do we hear when we distract ourselves from our own reality? Whose voice is creating our desires? Do we hear the voice of the universe, the voice of God?

Prayer and contemplation are designed to create an atmosphere in which we hear or know our purpose.  Silent meditation is purposeful to teach the mind to shut up sometimes.  Mystics and prophets have made contact with the Beloved by various means for all of history.  Silence, and often seclusion, has been the path for many to attain mastery.  Those who have not tried to be still and know might be very surprised how many internal voices have so much to say when one simply wants to quiet the mind to focus on the divine.  These little chatterboxes are constantly yacking it up in our consciousness, a combo of memory, prejudice, and persona. They are the voices that make excuses for the ego. They are the smarty pants know-it-alls in our personas that are busy composing a response rather than paying full attention to a speaker.  They think they are all that, but they are often confused.  This does not indicate that we have split personalities, or are unusually fragmented.  Everyone has to practice to be able to quiet the mind and keep it quiet.  The phrase “a mind of its’ own” applies to your attention.  Harnessing the full power of your own mind will be the greatest feat of patience you will ever achieve.

  • Listen to what nature tells you in your body and in the environment
  • Hear the sounds of the Beloved in music and chanting
  • Sharpen discernment by listening deeply to other people
  • Make a joyful noise unto the Lord



Transforming Apathy To Empathy

October 19, 2016 1 Comment


fall flora

fall flora

There is despair in the air.  Our society’s collective adrenal gland is shot from the constant stress of our current political battle.  Fight or flight, a reasonable healthy reaction to scary circumstances, has been exhausted by the season’s campaigns.  We are sick of the fight, and there is no place to flee from reality.  The blame and shade is flying freely.  Our weary spirits are drained of faith hope and charity.  By charity I mean extending the benefit of the doubt to those with whom we disagree.  The most charitable act to make is to listen with care.  The most civilized goal to set is mutual understanding. After this election we will still be living with each other, so our current problems will not vanish in November.

To dig ourselves out of this mess we will need to:

  • Set much higher standards for performance from our lawmakers
  • Scrutinize the taxation policies in order to reduce and eliminate loopholes
  • Focus on improving education quality, and close predator private colleges
  • Base health care payments on patient success rather than per procedure
  • Find real solutions for our opiate and exotic prescription drug addiction
  • Stop bickering about every little thing

This is a tall order, especially when everyone is bracing for total disorder.  We have our work cut out for us after we finish counting votes.  Our futures depend on our ability to listen, which means we will need to be quiet for a while.  We will need to be still and know.  How hopeful are you, gentle reader? I am optimistically neutral.  We have survived tragedy in the past.  This too will pass.

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