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#WritePhoto Crack In Time

August 24, 2017 10 Comments



Saturn cracked up when he made the spring erupt and spew

Hot molten lava down the side of the mountain leaving few

Alive to bury the dead and rebuild the city in a safe location

The handful of citizens still looked to the pantheon for all creation

Life began anew when the summer rains brought water to the land

Green shoots and busy insect colonies sprung up to cover the ground

After some time the wildlife carefully returned, built nests and found

That Saturn in retrograde sets very strong limits and restrictions

That break down many great obstacles to living without addictions

Father Time

Father Time

Please join us on Thursdays for a photo prompt from Sue Vincent’s Echo that inspires these stories and poems.  Comment, read, or write your own version here.  There is great variety and talent in the mix.



#HookedRX The Medical/Pharma Connection

January 10, 2017 1 Comment

opioid facts

opioid facts

The Cronkite School of Journalism at ASU has produced an important documentary about Arizona’s opioid addiction crisis.  I live in Tucson where an obvious uptick in junkies all over the place has everyone concerned.  From the petty theft to the mental illness caused by addiction to opioids destroys neighborhoods, families, and individuals. The routine overprescribing of pain killers began as a marketing strategy for drug makers. They promoted studies that concluded their products were not addictive, and provide a needed level of pain control.  Now we know they are highly addictive, and even a short time on this hard prescribed stuff can lead the patient to seek out heroin as a cheaper alternative.

Pain is a relative thing, so anyone who wants to stay high on opiates can go to a medical doctor and say they are in pain, and easily score drugs.  There is also a huge black market in these pills.  Many hop on the addiction train by taking pills from the parents’ medicine cabinet as teens.  Since the drugs are socially acceptable and widely discussed and well known, there seems to be no stigma for taking pills for any reason.  The idea is that no person should ever feel pain, anxiety, confusion, social pressure, or discomfort of any kind.  There are pills to insure that real life does not intrude into the self medication.  I have never been into pills so this phenomena is really bizarre to me.  I understand wanting to get high, but not wanting to feel nothing.  So, what is the gateway drug for feeling nothing?  A visit to the doctor? This has gone south in the worst possible way.

Materialism and Inheritance

May 1, 2014 6 Comments

Do you have enough stuff? What kind of stuff do you lack? Do you have goals that do not involve material stuff? My parents were heavily into possessions, and at the end of their lives it seemed that those things they loved so much robbed them of any kind of peace. They struggled to keep objects and wealth long after they even knew what any of the objects were. They wanted to keep an image of themselves in society, and other transitory status rather than seeking truth. There was nothing I could do to help them with that.

I am doing a meditative practice about abundance now. I have special feelings about one of the biblical phrases used in this practice. “All things that the Father hath are mine.” John 16:15. This is talking about the Father with a big F, not my dad. If I have all that my dad had I would be filled with greed, alcoholism, and relative anger at all times. If I concentrate on the Father, as in spirit, I can feel the difference. We inherit objects as well as traits from our parents. The kingdom of heaven is ours if we tune into it.  How about you, gentle reader?  Do you stand to inherit the earth?

Heroin History

April 1, 2014 4 Comments

Drugs have won the war we have waged against them. Heroin is growing in popularity because it is a cheap substitute for the prescription drugs that are now the gateway.  The profits are massive, and the corruption that accompanies the trade makes a joke of law enforcement.  The name heroin was chosen by Bayer, the original marketers of  the product, because it made the user feel like a hero.  The company stopped manufacturing and selling heroin in 1913, and it was outlawed in the US in 1920.  The Viet Nam war increased American use when 10-15% of our troops started using it while in Asia on deployment.

In the US today heroin use is on the rise .  Young people between 18-25 are the fastest growing addict group.  Mexican black tar heroin is smuggled in great quantity across the Arizona border.  This corrupts our law enforcement and endangers our youth as it passes through on the way to it’s eventual market.  The smuggling business includes all kinds of illicit drugs.  It is organized by cartels run by very nasty individuals.  The only way to pull the profit plug on the cartels is to reduce and eliminate demand on our side of the border.  This is much easier said than done. From miracle cure to the ruin of our society, heroin has come a long way, baby.

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