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Without Julia Child America might never have learned technique.
When we celebrate the holiday of food, her presence is floating across the nation bidding us all a “bon appetite”. This PBS tribute to her career is a blast.  Enjoy! Happy Feast, America.

Julia Remix

November 27, 2013 3 Comments

I was born in 1951 when this map had very little activity.  We had drills in my elementary school for bomb preparedness.  My parents voted Republican, and strongly opposed JFK.  I remember the cold war well as a formative part of my thinking.  My parents, and later the national government, seemed either unaware or unethical to me.  In my family history there are knights and military heroes. In modern times my uncles fought in WWII, but my father was nearly blind, so he did not serve.  I believe the atom bomb has changed the potential for corruption, destruction, and total Armageddon.  What was settled with swords in the middle ages is now settled by dangerous committee.  Human nature has not changed all that much, but the swiftness and anonymity with which all creation can now be destroyed is daunting.

Nuclear Age

November 16, 2013 3 Comments

In Tucson and around the country damage from mold is a serious issue.  This health hazard can be dangerous to humans and pets.  It is most devastating to real estate value because insurance companies rightly treat it like the plague.  Mold that is rampant must be treated and removed to avoid spread and contamination of the entire area.  Since the property with an adjoining wall has been used to collect donations for a decade, the water has been leaking profusely for months, and everything points to heavy duty mold damage I have repeatedly asked the HOA board that collects the donations from the public to hire Rocky the Mold Dog, who appears on TV.  He is a beagle with a nose for mold. He sniffs the property and helps the humans identify problems so they can be treated.  All health department code has been violated in this building for more than a decade.  The unsupervised food collection, storage, and preparation in a leaky environment is a very likely contributor to the growth of mold.  There is probable cause to believe the building is completely infested with mold which is damaging my home every day.

There is much more than a conflict of interest between the HOA board members who run the charity scam collecting donations, and the property owners in this neighborhood.  I had some work done on my home recently and was informed by the contractor who did the work about the level of danger to my structural integrity posed by the neglect of my next door neighbor.  He took some pictures of the rotting roof piled with debris, and explained that the load of all that garbage was a serious threat to my home.  He taught me a lot that I did not know about the dangers and damage that mold represents.  I read my insurance policy and spoke to my agent who explained the complex and very depressing details of mold, what it does, and what happens to your insurance policy once it is discovered.  I am officially freaked out about the physical damage the charity scam has done to my home.  The donation traffic has slowed to nothing, the water leak was repaired a couple of days ago after leaking for at least 6 months.  I need the people who took advantage of all their neighbors to begin to acknowledge reality and the neighborhood by getting a mold test to confirm or deny the presence of a very hazardous material. Their behavior suggests that they do no believe in cause and effect.  Believe it or not, every action will continue to have an equal and opposite reaction.

Mold and Your Health

June 28, 2013 5 Comments

The circus still bothers to come to Tucson, but we know a really big show when we see one. The Tucson Gem Show has grown into our most fun and profitable event.  We are perfectly willing to give up restaurants and parking and even driving in some places to welcome our precious gemmers back to town for the party of the year.  They role into town from all over the world ready to whip out their giant crystals and get busy doing some business.  They bring objects of every kind, way beyond the scope of gems or jewelry.

The buyers of all kinds must be here to buy and make contacts for the year.  Museum curators, knick knack shop owners, and hippie miners all converge to change the essential nature of our city for the first two weeks each February.  I have been officially on restriction from buying anything at the show for years, but it does not really stop me.  My birthday falls on Jan. 30, and Valentine’s Day  is still on Feb 14.  The favorable timing of my birth has resulted in an overstock of gifted gem show stuff.  I could easily hold my own gem show, but am currently hoarding all the exotic things I have found.  As any queen can tell you, you can only wear so much jewelry at the same time.  I should have a museum to display my collection, but then I would truly be on restriction. Like assault weapons, no private citizen can rationalize owning this much jewelry.

I love to see them stream into town in their distinctive costuming, speaking all languages, and laying the bucks on the local merchants.  The huge displays of crystals as high as an elephant’s eye crowd into tents and alter the vibration of the desert.  Bring it!!! You are the financial savior that primes our pump each year….the economic engine we cannot afford to loose.  We love you, gemmers, and wish you a prosperous show this year.  Thank you for your exotic and generous presence.  If there is any little thing we can do to make you feel more welcome, do not hesitate to ask.

Gem Show, The Greatest Show on Earth

January 16, 2013

One meaningful action we all can take is prayer and meditation, to the best of our training and ability. Palestrina’s Requiem for 5 Voices may be helpful. Pax vobiscum.

Requiem by Palestrina

December 14, 2012 3 Comments

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