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I was born in 1951 when this map had very little activity.  We had drills in my elementary school for bomb preparedness.  My parents voted Republican, and strongly opposed JFK.  I remember the cold war well as a formative part of my thinking.  My parents, and later the national government, seemed either unaware or unethical to me.  In my family history there are knights and military heroes. In modern times my uncles fought in WWII, but my father was nearly blind, so he did not serve.  I believe the atom bomb has changed the potential for corruption, destruction, and total Armageddon.  What was settled with swords in the middle ages is now settled by dangerous committee.  Human nature has not changed all that much, but the swiftness and anonymity with which all creation can now be destroyed is daunting.

Nuclear Age

November 16, 2013 , ,

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wow. This is VERY cool/interesting . I did a lot of study on the dropping of the atomic bomb and how it changed the way wars were fought and the art of diplomacy.


Stevie Wilson (@LAStory)

November 17, 2013

for now we have a (relative) temporary peace but it is like the sword of damocles hanging above us all


November 17, 2013

I do remember my mum telling me she thought the US were nuts with their bomb drills. Who can say how it will affect the future though


November 21, 2013

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