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Amazon Prime Seduction

July 25, 2012

I had a specific need for a pen with a light at the tip to assist me in dream journaling without waking very much. Since I wanted it right away I took the route of visiting my local Staples store, where this was not available. I do love bricks and mortar shopping less and less, especially when I turn up empty.  My natural reaction is to hunt online anyhow, since I love having things delivered to me. Amazon, of course, had a wide selection, so I decided and placed the order. At that time I was offered a free month of Amazon Prime, which would instantly give me free shipping. Why not? I stopped the auto renew at the end of the month and proceeded to buy a book, just because I have free shipping.

The next thing they do, after you become “Prime” is give you one click take you to the ultimate instant gratification place. You can order anything ( well almost anything on earth) with one click and it will be delivered for free in two days. The Jetsons themselves could never have imagined this. I quickly fell under the spell and ordered a couple more office things. Then I cruised the free TV shows and movies you can steam as a “Prime”. I decided that it is possible that these people will succeed in making me pay $79 a year and be completely sucked into the concept of “getting my money’s worth” by buying every single thing I buy from them. Since this is only my third day in Prime territory and I already feel the urge to go find out exactly what ALL I can have delivered for free, I say the Amazon strategy is working very well for them.  The most seductive of all for me may be the free instant access to kindle books, zapped to my iPad in 60 seconds or less….be still my heart.

I have heard that many people operate in the Prime Amazon zone.  I think it is funny in a way because it replicates the Sears or Penny’s catalog shopping that provided merchandise to rural America when I was  kid.  I believe I will resist the lure to do it, but they have another 27 days to convince me that they are all I will ever need.  If they have their way I will be done…. right there at Amazon, forever.

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