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Avengers Square Off on the Digital Battlefield, #OpParis

November 18, 2015 1 Comment

Strange alliances are being formed after the Paris attacks.  An interesting turn of events is the war declared on twitter by Anonymous.

Three days later Anonymous is teaching people how to hack ISIS and has published guides on how to do it.  This is a new phase in avenging strategy.  Not too long ago wars were declared by heads of state and fought by nations.  ISIS initiated war in order to create a nation, and recognizes no borders or boundaries in their avenging.  The avenger archetype has always existed in history.  I sometimes feel a bit of avenger at work in my personality because I am highly sensitive to injustice.  I do indulge in both self righteousness and indignant feelings on behalf of all mistreated sentient beings.

The new world of avenging made available through hacking, retweeting, and blogging has opened up many healthy avenging options that do not involve violence or terrorism.  Now it is possible to use hashtags like #OpParis to openly attack enemies.  Digital trash talk and taunting will continue.  I wonder how much effect this digital line of attack will cause.  Since social media has been used so well to radicalize new fighters it makes a lot of sense to me to work to shut down those propaganda opportunities.  Since both groups are avengers without borders they are well pitted against each other.  It is a heavyweight fight.  I plan to hide, watch and retweet for the side of justice because I am more of a poet than an avenger.  Perhaps I will dedicate some poetry to #OpParis to show my support.  How do you  view this new style of warfare, gentle reader?  It has the feel of a video game, but it is completely real.


Avenger Archetype

October 5, 2013 3 Comments

The Avenger character is a masked marvel. Crusades for righteousness and fairness are the territory of this archetype.  Comic book characters and super heroes use the avenger character  to tell stories about balancing the scales of justice .  The obvious shadow attribute the avenger can possess is the willingness to use violence to defend a cause.  Frequently we see the misguided avenger on the loose; That is called the loose cannon because the lack of control is too obvious.  They may be warriors or politicians, but their primary motive is to represent causes for the sake of others.  They are aggressive.

Religious zealots in history  have often convinced others to seek revenge or fight a holy war.  Terrorism and family feuds are examples of avengers gone bad.  When nations or political factions  square off to avenge some perceived wrong this is the archetype in control.  When the Republicans and the Democrats cut off all their noses to spite all their faces they are doing it because they believe they are finding vengeance.  They tell the taxpayers they are fighting for us, but they are isolated in their own cartoon, unaware of the roles they play in our big drama.  They fight because they feel entitled, and because we have allowed them to become so extreme.  Their capes and masks must be recalled.

avenger card

avenger card

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