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Drought Shadows

June 29, 2018



Hot, restless winds blow across the desert

The fruit and flowers of the garden have disappeared

The future hangs heavy on the horizon, void of course

Drought followed by famine and fear have decimated

The crops we have always grown to sustain ourselves

Now we eat cactus to survive, knowing it is a gift

The bright colored blooms delight our hearts and spirits

Promising fruit that will keep the community alive for a while






Spring Blooming in the Desert

March 23, 2013 2 Comments

When spring arrives in the desert it comes on quickly and leaves.  We have to get it while we can. The color of the blooms on cactus are extravagant and vivid.  The bees are busy and the livin’ is easy, for a very short time….then we sizzle.

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