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Upwardly Mobile 

April 9, 2015 1 Comment

cactus blooming

cactus blooming

Bright stars illuminate passages between treachery and glory,

At dawn some of the possibilities scatter across the sky

Others stay hidden beneath the shade of an obvious story

Painted lights on party patios strung between truth and lie

There is danger passing through the desert without insight or guidance

Patrons of progress and development sow dusty seeds of convenience

Remnants of  culture, scraps of common purpose shattered in the process

cactus blooming

cactus blooming


Cactus in Bloom

April 5, 2013 1 Comment

Cactus bloom quickly and with amazing flourish. The colors are often so bright they look almost shocking. The current cactus blooming color splash is a delight to the eye. There is little scent, but lots of pollen for the insects to enjoy and move. Our Sonoran desert environment is rich with diversity and beauty.

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