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Angelic Forces

December 15, 2014 4 Comments

Angels were common before Jesus was born. There were happy spirits protecting humans all over the pre-Christian world.  Some people today debate the powers and presence attributed to angels because we know them through story and legend.  Their existence is a rhetorical belief, but there has been no empirical evidence that proves they are here with us.  December is a very popular time to display angels and even dress up and portray them in live nativity scenes.  In the darkest month of the Northern Hemisphere’s year, angels usher in the light.  They often wear white, have white wings and a bright body halo.  They are messengers, beings of light, that assist humans on both sides of the grave.  They intercede for the benefit of humans.

December is the right time to settle into a hot herbal bath, light a candle, and put out the do not disturb sign for the human element.  Around the winter solstice have a conversation with angels.  If this is easy and natural for you, pray and get in touch with the angelic realm.  If you need some help getting used to the idea of being surrounded by beings of light, do some meditating.  Soak in the aromas of your scented tub, breathing deeply and leave thought behind.  Have a conversation, out loud or in your mind, with the spirit guardians of your life.  Imagining the presence of another dimension, allow yourself to say what is in your heart and ask for help that you know you need.  You can do it with eyes open our closed.  Using this method is a formula to make wishes come true. Belief in our angels is belief in supernatural powers at work on our behalf.  Speaking to angels has been done by all kinds of people without shame or embarrassment for a very long time.  The time is right to tell your deepest wishes to the angels, Gentle Readers.

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