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Captain John Peabody, 11th Great Grandfather

May 19, 2015 12 Comments


My 11th great-grandfather was born in England in 1590, and died in Bridgewater, Massachusetts in 1667.  He was active in service to the colony.

Descendants of John Peabody[From Ancestors and Anecdotes Genealogy Blog, posted 17 Jan 2007 by JEM]

JOHN1 PEABODY was born 1590 in St. Albans, Hertfordshire, England, and died 1667 in Bridgewater, Mass. He married ISABEL HARPER Bet. 1608 – 1638. She was born 1592 in St. Albans, England, and died Bet. 1624 – 1686. The name Peabody is said to have originated during the reign of Nero, when Queen Broadicia was located at Icena, Briton. This Brave Queen opposed the Romans in their invasion of the country and with her son Boadie, took refuge in the craggy heights of Wales. Among his Britain’s “Boadie” signified a man of great strength and Pea meant “hill or mountain”. Consequently the name Peabody was applied to a mountain man. This name became the name of a tribe and in some branches of the family, “Boadie” became anglicized to the name Mann and Pea into the well-known name of Hill.In later times the name was spelled in different ways; Pbodie,Paybody, and Peabody. One of the earliest settlers in America of this name was William Pabodie who was a member of Captain Miles Standish’s military company of Mass. in 1643. John Peabody was another early settler who was active colonist of the Bay State, serving as its ensign, captain and deputy to the general court. More About JOHN PEABODY:Came to America: 1635, Bridgewater, Mass Isabell married John Peabody in 1608 in Stafford Stafford England. (John Peabody was born in 1589-1590 in St Albans Hertfordshire England, christened about 1635 in St AlbansHertfordshire England, died in Apr 1667 in Bridgewater Plymouth MA and was buried on 27 Apr 1667 in Boston Suffolk MA.More

Note to Reader: This genealogical narrative is drawn from my many years of research on the Peabody family and related families. It is presented here, for what help it might be to other researchers, in the same format as it was first published on my website in about 1998. No effort has been made to update this material or to incorporate more recent genealogical discoveries published on or elsewhere. The list of sources at the end may prove especially helpful. This narrative is archived at -Velton Peabody

JOHN PAYBODY1 was born about 1590 in England. He probably arrived in the Plymouth Colony in 1635 or 1636, for his name appears on the list of freemen of the colony dated March 7, 1636/37, and he was admitted and sworn with others whose names were on that list on Jan. 2, 1637/8. He married Isabel Harper, sister of Thomas Harper of London, England.John Peabody received a grant of 10 acres of land Jan. 1, 1637/8, “on Duxburrow side, lying betwixt the lands of William Tubs on the north side and those of Experience Mitchell on the south side, and from the sea in the west; and from Blew Fish River in the easte.” Another tract, granted him Nov. 2, 1640, was 30 acres “with meadow to it” at North River. He was a member of the jury that convicted three young Englishmen of the murder of an Indian on Sept. 4, 1638, and of the “Grand Inquest” at the court June 4, 1639. He was one of the sureties on a neighbor’s bond June 4, 1645.In 1645, John Paybody and his son, William, were among the original proprietors of Bridgewater, Mass. He was a witness with Thomas Winterton against Edward Richards when he was tried in court at Salem 4:9:1645, on a charge of making a false statement to them concerning shipboard killings. Richards was convicted and fined 10 shillings and ordered to acknowledge his sin before the congregation at Lynn.John’s will, dated July 16, 1649, at Duxbury, was proved Apr. 27, 1666/7 at Boston:“In and about the sixteenth of July in the yeare of our Lord 1649 I John Paybody of Duxbrook in the Collonie of New Plymoute planter being in prfect health and sound in memory God be blessed for it doe ordaine and make this my last Will and Testament In maner and forme as foloweth;“Imprimis I bequeath my soule to God that gave it hopeing to be saved by the Meritt of Christ my blessed Saviour and Redeemer; as for my worldly goods as followeth“Item I give and bequeath unto Thomas my eldest sonne one shilling“Item I give and bequeath unto ffrancis Paybody my second son one shilling.“Item I give and bequeath unto William Paybody my youngest son one shilling.“Item I give and bequeath unto Annis Rouse my daughter one shilling.“Item I give and bequeath unto John Rouse the son of John Rouse my lands att Carswell in Marshfield after my wifes decease;“Item I give unto John Pabodie the son of William my lott of Land att the new plantation,“Item I give and bequeath all the Rest of my goods that are my mine liveing and dead unto my wife Isabell Paybody whome I make my sole executrix of this my last Will and Testament; memorandum all these legasyes before sett downe are to yayed by William Paybody my youngest son when they shallbe demanded John PaybodyJohn ffernesyde Boston in New England the 27th of April, 1667“Mr John ffernesyde came before mee under written and deposed that by order of Paybody above written and mentioned: hee wrote what is above written and Read it to the said John Paybody on the day of the date thereof and declared the same to be his Last Will and that when hee soe did hee was of a sound disposing mind to his best knowlidg and alsoe subscribed his name thereunto John ffernesyde as a witness; As Attesteth Edward Rawson Recorder”Children, probably all born in England: i. Thomas,2 b. about 1612 #2 ii. Francis, b. about 1614#3 iii. William, b. 1619 iv. Annis or Annie, b. about 1620; m. Jan. 7, 1638/9, in Marshfield, John Rouse of Marshfield; John was a Quaker, he was a town officer in Marshfield in 1645; he d. Dec. 16, 1684, in Marshfield, and she d. before Sept. 12, 1688, when he will was proved; children: Mary Rouse, John Rouse, Simon Rouse, George Rouse, Elizabeth Rouse, Anna Rouse.Sources: Records and Files of the Quarterly Courts of Essex County, [Mass.], I, 1911; “Plymouth Colony Wills and Inventories,” Mayflower Descendant XVII:1 (January 1915); Justin Winsor, History of the Town of Duxbury, Massachusetts, 1849; Eugene Willard Montgomery, Willard Peabody Genealogy, 1915; Charles Henry Pope, Pioneers of Massachusetts, 1900; William Richard Cutter and William Frederick Adams, Genealogical and Personal Memoirs Relating to the Families of the State of Massachusetts, II, 1910; C.M. Endicott, Genealogy of the Peabody Family, 1867, revised and corrected by William S. Peabody with a partial record of the Rhode Island Branch by B. Frank Peabody, cited hereafter as Peabody Genealogy, 1867; Selim Hobart Peabody, Peabody (Paybody, Pabody, Pabodie) Genealogy, 1909, cited hereafter as Peabody Genealogy, 1909; Leon Clark Hills, History and Genealogy of the Mayflower Planters (Cape Cod Series), I, 1975 reprint of 1936 1941 ed.; Dorothy A. Sherman Lainson, John Paybodie (Peabody) English Immigrant to Plymouth Duxbury, 1635, 1972; Goldie Peabody Brownyard and Theodore Lucius Brownyard, Ancestors and Descendants of Charles Elmer Peabody, 1980; Richard Gentry, Gentry Family in America, 1909; Detroit Society for Genealogical Research Magazine XXX:3 (Spring 1967); Family History Library; William R. Marsh, Ancestors and Descendants of F.A. Marsh and Ivy Crites, 1990; Nahum Mitchell, History of the Early Settlement of Bridgewater, in Plymouth County, Massachusetts, 1840.
John Peabody and descendants
The PEABODY Family of St. Albans, Hertfordshire, Hampton, Rockingham, NH and Topsfield, Essex, MASend comments and corrections to PAYBODY (d. by 1649) of St. Albans and Duxbury m. Isabel Harper|FRANCIS PEABODY (abt 1614 – 1698) of Hampton and Topsfield m. Lydia Unknown|WILLIAM PABODIE (c. 1620 – 1707) m. Elizabeth Alden|LYDIA PEABODY (bp. 1640 – 1715), wife of Thomas Howlett 2LYDIA PABODIE (1667 – 1748) m. Daniel Grinnell
History of the Town of Duxbury, Massachusetts with Genealogical Registers
Seventeenth Century Colonial Ancestors, Vol. I
Elizabeth (Alden) Pabodie and descendants
A genealogy of the Peabody family

John Capt Peabody Pabodie (1590 – 1667)
is my 11th great grandfather
Lieut Francis Peabody (1614 – 1697)
son of John Capt Peabody Pabodie
Lydia Peabody (1640 – 1715)
daughter of Lieut Francis Peabody
Mary Howlett (1664 – 1727)
daughter of Lydia Peabody
John Hazen (1687 – 1772)
son of Mary Howlett
Caleb Hazen (1720 – 1777)
son of John Hazen
Mercy Hazen (1747 – 1819)
daughter of Caleb Hazen
Martha Mead (1784 – 1860)
daughter of Mercy Hazen
Abner Morse (1808 – 1838)
son of Martha Mead
Daniel Rowland Morse (1838 – 1910)
son of Abner Morse
Jason A Morse (1862 – 1932)
son of Daniel Rowland Morse
Ernest Abner Morse (1890 – 1965)
son of Jason A Morse
Richard Arden Morse (1920 – 2004)
son of Ernest Abner Morse
Pamela Morse
I am the daughter of Richard Arden Morse

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