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#WeekendCoffeeShare at Conditorei Cafe Schober, Zurich

February 14, 2015 8 Comments



Because we are meeting for a Valentine’s Day coffee today, a special chocolate destination has been chosen for our visit. Transporter cloaks will not only situate us in the supreme location for chocolate shopping, but also provide us each with hundreds of digital Swiss francs to spend. Prepare yourself and your Valentine for an extravagant and elegant new level of confectionary excellence. We are meeting at Conditorei Cafe Schober, in the old town (niederdorf) Zurich.  The building, the decor, the coffee and the treats will be out of this world, and completely digital, so feel free to order anything you fancy.  I noticed that some of the weekend coffee group is very partial to chocolate, so this should ring your culinary bell.

The niederdorf is worth exploration.  I love this part of the city on a steep incline above the river.  These buildings are ancient and have housed millions of coffee meetings just like ours.  If you stroll in this area you will find other equally interesting cafes, bars, and small individual retailers.  There is a specialty button store that I adore.  For me this is a very romantic place.  It is not the chocolate that attracts my interest.  It is the history and the culture that have been passing through here for centuries.  The Swiss are not only masters of chocolate.  They are the masters of preservation, privacy, and peace. They are pretty good at timekeeping and banking too.  I admire them for keeping their environment clean and their people employed.  They own the last clean water in Europe, since they own the sources of the Rhone as well as the Rhine.

After our time together here in the old town I urge you to walk to the lake, then shop your way up the Bahnhofstrasse to the main station.  There are so many choices for wonderful coffee and chocolate here, as you might imagine. What you cannot imagine until you see and taste it firsthand is how wild these people get about candy, pastries and all things chocolate.  They do not slouch in the coffee department, either.  In fact one of my favorite museums on earth is the Museum of Coffee right down the hill in Seefeld.  You will learn a lot about the history of coffee around the world and see some stunning antique coffee service sets.  This museum is housed in a mansion next to the lake, which itself is worth seeing.  I hope you will enjoy your tour of my favorite city in the world.  It has the most dense public transportation service on earth, so you can hop on a tram and zip all over town with ease…or you could just use your cloak.

I look forward to hearing the stories from your week. Mine has been sad because our hound has end of life issues.  We have faced this fact for months, but the end only gets nearer.  It is good to have the chance to get out for a treat and a visit with you.  It distracts me from the gloomy reality of what comes next.  I am over-ordering all kinds of sweet digital treats, and advise you to do the same.  I plan to drown a little doggy sorrow in these over the top pastries.  A little imaginary whipped cream never hurt anyone.  Happy Valentine’s Day, gentle reader.  May your overindulgence be purely digital.

Environmental Design

September 11, 2012

largest chocolate fountain


conservatory of light and decorative planting

fantasy giant bee

flower lady bugs

flute playing nymph

acrobatic arts

water fountain

glass ceiling flowers

When you travel what kind of design changes do you like to make? I usually enjoy design that is neat and modern, uncluttered and sleek.  This is just not the way to design a gambling casino, as I have discovered.  When I see the world’s largest chocolate fountain I am not at all attracted to it.  It is obvious that many people like it a lot.  There is a place for public art, and since casinos have a lot of the public’s cash to use, it is fitting that they create adult fantasy environments. If flowing chocolate and giant bees are your thing, you will totally love the Bellagio in Las Vegas.

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