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Pygmalion Revisited

September 16, 2016 1 Comment

I subscribe to Hulu for a month at a time, then put the subscription on hold for the maximum time, 90 days.  This means it is only in the home 4 months out of the year, which is perfect for us. I binge down on different new shows, and by the end of the month I have seen everything I care to watch.  This month I have watched a lot of very well produced series.  I have focused on comedy, seeing at least 10 stand up comedy specials.  I also found many comedy tv series that make me very happy. My favorite, now that the month is coming to a close, is Selfie.  This modern day version of Pygmalion is hysterically updated to show characters typical to our times.  This social satire hits all the notes.

Eliza Dooley, the same archetype represented in My Fair Lady by Julie Andrews as Eliza Doolittle, has a modern twist as a self obsessed social media star.  The romantic comedy takes a satirical look at workaholics, socialnetworkaholics , and corporate hierarchy.  It is set in a children’s pharmaceutical company where Henry Higgins, the British snob, is thinly disguised as Henry Higgins, branding expert.  The plot and characters are instantly recognizable, but the story unfolds in ways I could never have imagined.  All the parts are extremely well played, but the writers and producers get major credit.  This script makes me laugh for every reason, from physical comedy schtick to sophisticated satirical commentary woven into the whole story.  Some of the smaller parts are the very best because they have such extreme personalities and dialogue. I will not give away more than that. Just watch it if you can.

The story of Pygmalion comes for the mythology of Greece.  It is based on a god who fell in love with one of his own sculptures.  In 1748 the story was presented at the prestigious Paris Opera House.  This production, written by Jean-Philippe Rameau, was staged as a one act piece.  Since that time this story has been told and retold, including the popular musical version with Rex Harrison playing the stuffy and rude Henry.  The story has the same punch line every time.

Greek god Pygmalion

Greek god Pygmalion


Why Follow Jessica Seinfeld @jessseinfeld?

January 4, 2016 2 Comments


Jewish dogs on Christmas…

A video posted by Jessica Seinfeld (@jessseinfeld) on

There are several reasons to follow Jessica Seinfeld (aka Mrs. Jerry Seinfeld) on instagram.  The most obvious is that she is at least as funny if not funnier than her famous husband, the comic.  She is also a mother and cookbook author.  She has two dachshunds who appear in her stream in costumes with modulated voices.  The effect is stunning.  They sound a little bit like the Chipmunks, but funnier.  She always entertains, but she is also very instructive:

Her no nonsense approach to eating and her high comedy make her my favorite stream to watch.  I highly recommend her work to anyone.  You get to see the world with the Seinfeld family and share their ups, downs, and jokes.  I hope you will enjoy it as much as I do, gentle reader.

Adding Comedy for Balance

July 1, 2015 2 Comments

Earlier in the year I made a plan to provide a spa vacation to myself without leaving town this summer.  My dog needs me frequently, and the heat is now upon us, so the stay in town has evolved into stay home in the air-conditioning most of the time.  I am happy I had started with a plan because the dog care giving could be a depressing situation without it.  She is resting most of the time without any apparent pain.  I spoke to my cousin this week who is dealing with the end of life issues of her dad. This conversation reminded me how, although the loss is sad and similar, the parent care is a lot more complicated than pet care. I am lucky to have the time and means to be able to stay home with my dog to make her comfortable. I have made some changes to my original plan:

  • My workout audio is a mix from Amazon Prime Music.  I have added all the comedy albums available to my library.  This is a great lift. As I dance around my living room in the morning I use music to inspire, but the comedy makes me laugh out loud.  If you have not tried adding comedy to your exercise routine don’t knock it. I love it.
  • Hulu watch list- I do Hulu every few months and then freeze my account because I already enjoy all the shows from Amazon Prime free of ads.  While the subscription is active I binge on history documentaries, British detective shows, and lots of comedy.  There are a few shows I think are very funny, like Moone Boy, an Irish sitcom, that I can only find on Hulu.  I also really love all the stand up available. I started my month last week and am fully taking advantage of it.

What has been working well at my stay at home spa is the fun with food prep and the use of helpful apps that track my movement and pace.  I started using Endomondo while I was still walking outside each morning.  It uses GPS to measure distance and speed.  I find that my speed dancing a mile is the same as walking outside for a mile.  The fitbit has been very helpful to increase my sleep at night, even though I get up for the dog many times.  I now use honey to deepen my sleep.  By trying the honey method I have increased the average time I sleep each night.  This is a very important aspect of keeping my mood positive.  With enough movement and enough sleep I can withstand all kinds of stress.

I am also taking advantage of this time to be creative in my own kitchen.  I am making new recipes and trying new techniques I have learned from the food preppers.  I made refrigerator pickles for the first time.  This could be a really fun little hobby as well as a tasty way to keep food from spoiling.  I am also working my way through all the chilled soups that look good to me. I have time to write, read, to work on my family history, or do whatever feels good at the time. This too shall pass, but for now I am making it work and reminding myself of the comedy and creativity available to us in life.

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