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Take Care Of Yourself

August 16, 2017 3 Comments

Compassion fatigue is the stress of caring too much… The post Are You Suffering From Compassion Fatigue? Here’s What You Should Do About It appeared first on BayArt.

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Listen with Compassion

August 23, 2015 3 Comments

politics as usual

politics as usual

One skill that is central to peace of mind and well being is listening. We hear sounds all the time. People talk to us with varying degrees of sincerity and interest. Our job is to distinguish and sort the grain from the chaff. By paying attention it is possible to harvest harmony from the symphony of sounds and sentences we hear. To listen with compassion is a difficult task. Defending our own position rather than truly comprehending other points of view is one of the most common substitutes for listening. Understanding others is not a sign of weakness but a sign of maturity. We can’t agree with everyone, but we can look for ways to increase loving kindness in our lives.  To love thy neighbor as thyself involves a degree of allowing that neighbor to express himself.  As we in the United States fall deeper into the political season each day I expect some wild rhetoric.  To remain happy, detached and centered is my goal.  I am setting guidelines for myself ignored to keep my cool and enjoy life while those around me might loose it.

  • No need to respond to political statements made by anyone on line
  • When hearing news reports, suspend judgement and consider the facts
  • Keep my own negative feelings about candidates to myself
  • Attempt to understand the logic behind all points of view presented
  • Realize that many factors contribute to elections, most of which have not yet happened.  A wait and see attitude will serve me well as time passes.

By conscious meditative contemplation I will not only survive but will find my center during the presidential election hoo-ha.  I can admit that the last two elections disturbed and distracted me.  I became enraged at the robo calls and the parties making them.  Now I know that this too shall pass.  I am gearing up to listen with compassion and a distinct sense of humor during the political crazy season.  I wish you a sane election season, gentle reader.  Best of luck.



Black vs White and #LoveWins

June 28, 2015 5 Comments

White House

The United States is reeling from yet another mass shooting. The prayer group interrupted by violence is etched into the soul of the country, no matter where we live, no matter what our own religious affiliations. The idea that sanctuaries are not safe is a chilling reminder.  While the world watched the church showed the meaning of Christianity and compassion.  The city of Charleston displayed solidarity and strength in the face of the tragedy in one of the most significant structures in town.  This flow of forgiveness and faith witnessed from the victims’ friends and families has been powerful in its simplicity.  They managed to overcome the natural feelings of betrayal and loss by practicing what they preach.  They defer judgement to God and pray for peace that surpasses all understanding.  I am overwhelmed with gratitude to the congregation of Mother Emmanuel for teaching the country how to mourn, and how to move past sorrow into great compassion. We all need to heed this lesson. These people seem like saints, and indeed they may be. They have a powerful message of hope for us.  Nothing is black and white. Nothing is really even under our control. Remember the first commandment when you think you might need to right some wrongs…this is clearly not your personal job.

Meanwhile, right before Gay Pride Weekend in many parts of the country, same sex marriage has become the law of the land.  With rainbows flying and floating and projecting everywhere the party to celebrate these new civil rights began.  The rainbows appeared early in the morning on Friday and by nightfall the projected rainbows fell on buildings and natural wonders of the world.  Other countries celebrated with us by lighting structures to tweet with the hashtag #LoveWins.  Twitter supplies a rainbow heart for each #LoveWins, adding to the colorful festive digital fiesta.  I found the switch from our black and white racial and political divides to an all out rainbow nation to be refreshing.  We need to have a reason to be proud, to embrace the happiness of others, and to actually celebrate equality.  Rainbows signify our diversity and our harmony.  Let us keep the faith that this nation still has the spirit and the will to make sure that #LoveWins in  our future.



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