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Our Sling Fling

November 1, 2016 2 Comments

Sling TV

Sling TV

I hooked up my new ROKU stick today. It was an easy and quick transition from my ROKU box, which was working just fine. I was enticed to try Sling TV with the promise of the stick as a subscribing gift. It is cool, and a little easier to navigate than the old model. It has preprogramed buttons for Amazon, Sling, Google, and Netflix which the old system did not have. This convenience of going straight to those channels is a good shortcut.  Everything else is the same.  It is super easy to take with you on the road if you care to do that.  The only missing element on the new stick remote control is an earphone jack.  I used the earphones occasionally after my partner had fallen asleep, to keep the noise to myself.  He sleeps very soundly so I don’t think the loss of this feature will be a game changer for our household.

Sling TV is a major hit with us.  I can’t predict if I will keep it after my initial subscription for 3 months, but I feel like a savvy shopper who found a great bargain for now.  I got the ROKU stick and three months of Sling (plus 7 days free from the offer open to all takers) for $60.  I am a satisfied customer at that price.   I am easily fatigued by television, but sometimes have been known to binge on shows I really like.  Sling is offering us a new variety of content.  I don’t care about the sports programing much, but Bob will be able to see 3 different ESPN stations.   The subscription lasts until 25 of January next year, so we will have plenty of time to get tired of it as a constant feature.  There is no obligation to stay subscribed, which appeals to me.  I get a month of Hulu 4 times a year, and freeze it for the maximum amount of time in the interim.  I may alternate Hulu with Sling after I binge myself out on all the fun documentaries, comedies, and music content.  The new stick answers a need in me to have new gadgetry when it comes out.  I get a little thrill from that, and a pretty big one from all the new entertainment from which I can now choose. The upgrade packs a lot of punch for the bucks.

I hardly have time to read all the new books Amazon Prime is lending me every month.  I need to make sure that my subscriptions are not outstaying their welcome, becoming useless expenditures.  As a thrifty person I hate when that happens. I heartily recommend Sling TV for those in the market for new ways to buy entertainment at a good price.  At least we are paying far less than we did for cable.  The trend is away from cable for very good reason.  There are perfect custom solutions now for far less.  How do you buy tv, gentle reader, if you still watch it?

Snitch, Tattle and Tell by @UnMakeaBully

May 31, 2016 3 Comments

This excellent production from down under shows how bullying can be contained by communication.  I found the twitter account @UnMakeaBully, a brilliant collaboration of students around the world creating anti-bullying content.  Their creativity and first hand knowledge of school bullying make the kids own content the ideal catalyst for reform. This piece highlights students’ unwillingness to reveal the truth to authorities.  They have a cultural belief that snitching is a betrayal of their other student colleagues.  They maintain a stone wall because of peer pressure.  By finding the rapport with the kids, the school authorities can change the situation for the better.  I am a huge fan of this movement.  Let’s stop little bullies from becoming grown up bullies.

The group maintains an instagram account where  they showcase the productions and the students who participate in them.  I am happily impressed with the very creative solutions these young people are finding and promoting.  If there is a starter drug for a lifetime of violent tendencies, it must be school bullying.  It is an excellent place to start to reduce needless violence in our society.  “Don’t Wait” is the group’s motto.  I could not agree more.  Please check out this group for more innovative ways to bring bullying (child as well as adult) to heel.

The New 15 Second Rule

June 22, 2013 4 Comments

Hound on couch

We have been liberated from long boring presentations we don’t watch anyhow. The new 15 second rule is not about food that has been on the floor. It is about editing. If you can’t express your idea in 15 seconds, you need editing. Instagram has met the public where their attention span is. It is a fun , effortless way to find if you really have content or if you are just taking up digital space.  Artemisia, coon hound, was keen to try it out to portray her content.

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