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Hulu on the Road

July 18, 2014 4 Comments

I have a mixed relationship with Hulu Plus. I do have an account, but I have a life that precludes spending much time watching TV. What works for me is to watch it for a month, binge on my favorite exclusive Hulu shows, and then freeze the account for the maximum amount of time, which I think is 3 months. I would not know it had returned if not for the PayPal notice telling me I have paid my dues. My Hulu month started last week, so I caught up on some Moone Boy and East Los High episodes for starters.

Now I am on holiday without a TV, and am perfectly fine with that. I did not travel to watch TV in another city. Since Hulu is my only option I have discovered there is more to the Hulu menu than I knew. Last night I watched a black and white movie in Danish with subtitles that was a heavy period piece about witch burning in the 1600’s and religion. The story is based on an event that really happened in Norway.  The cinematography was haunting and spooky, although primitive because of the age of the film. They wore amazingly great costumes in the film, everyone looking sort of like Martin Luther (the hat part, anyhow).  The movie was shot in 1943 (very interesting time in Europe) and is called Day of Wrath.  It opened my eyes to the vast collections accessible through Hulu.  I am going to purposely search the menu to find other interesting productions to watch as part of my holiday entertainment.  Maybe Hulu and I can have a much better relationship.  They have also added an option to allow you to play trivia before the show to avoid commercial interruption.  This is the most important upgrade to me because Hulu plays the exact same commercials on all the shows in a geographic area. I quickly tire of seeing the same ad 20 times a night.  At least by moving to another location I am seeing different ads this month.  Do you use Hulu, and if so, are there any tips about getting the best experience you can share with me?  Thanks, gentle readers.

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