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Tethys, Mother of the Sea

May 5, 2015 5 Comments

Tethys is a Titan goddess, daughter of Gaia and Uranus. Her job title is mother of the sea.  She works together with Nyx and Gaia to form the Titan’s world.  She and her husband Oceanus have 3000 daughters called Oceanids.  Their 3000 sons are fresh water entities called Potamoi.  The earth’s constitution of 80% water is similar to that of our bodies’, 80-90%.  The tides and waves of deep and constant churning represent the emotions, the realm of feelings.  This goddess was mentioned in poetry, but was never worshiped by a cult.  Today one of Saturn’s moons is named for her.  Saturn III, as it is also known, has a low density because it is made of ice , with very little rock.

To ride the tides of outrageous fortune in life we must handle our own emotions and those of people around us.  There may be times the feelings of others threaten to drown us.  It can be difficult to distinguish the heart’s desire from the desires of our loved ones and associates.  The message Tethys brings us is to allow the energy of emotions to flow freely through us.  Stay true to your own heart, and remain open.  The open releasing state allows strong waves to flow through without causing damage.  Go with the current rather than struggle to defend or retain emotional stuff from others.  Your feelings move you to a calm destination when you let go and float on the surface.  There may be turmoil, but you can rise above it.

Tethys, Water Goddess

October 29, 2013 2 Comments

Tethys was a titan, which means an original goddess, before Zeus and the Olympians took over the pantheon.  Her sisters were Nyx and Gaia, who ruled darkness and the earth. She was Mother of the Sea, ruling clouds, springs, rivers, and streams.  Her children were called Oceanids.  Water is the emotional element;  Tides, currents and undertows closely resemble human emotional forces.  The energy or wave of an emotion passes through the body as well as the life of the person involved.  Tethys is known as the goddess of nursing, and if you think of feeding the earth with clean water, her services are needed more than ever today. To get in touch with Tethys realize that flow and currents can be ridden, but it is folly to fight against them.  Emotional problems are the same; Denial or repression will not end them, but can make the ride much rougher. You can not change the waves, but you can learn to surf.

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