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#NaPoWriMo Guilt Trip

April 24, 2017 1 Comment

love of the environment

love of the environment

I find that after a weekend away that I am far behind
In my goal to write a poem each day in April this year
Instead of writing poems I left my home and daily grind
To drive in the desert and sleep where I could not hear
A single sound in the night while wildlife crept around
A tiny slice of pristine wilderness preserved for the future

tools of the trade

tools of the trade

Join the poetry party all month at #NaPoWriMo website, or by following the hashtags on social media.  Read, write, recite , enter contests, and find new poets.  Somehow today I will catch up by writing two more poems.  Then my guilt will be gone.


Environmental Creativity #DooFrudumpsdogdoo

September 29, 2013 4 Comments

message for dog owners

message for dog owners

practical design

practical design

Our midtown Tucson neighborhood has pride of ownership issues. The landlords are not prone to take care of  rental properties and the residents have become used to a very low level of environmental pride.  Tagging of gang signs is chronic and dog owners leave waste behind everywhere.  Doolen-Fruitvale Neighborhood, or DooFru for short, has an elementary school, an art college, and a Boys and Girls Club all adjacent to each other.  I am asking the kids interested in art and design to enter a competition.  The DooFru Design Derby  will be an annual competition to design the best small enhancement to our neighborhood environment.  We want to create a positive artful outlet that says we care about the space in which we live. We don’t have a place for mural art or sculpture, but we can do small, individual projects that make a difference.

This year we are designing dog doo bag dispensers out of used plastic containers.  When filled with plastic bags, they not only remind dog owners to do the right thing, but provide the means with which to do it.  Some other neighborhoods have employed the bag dispensers with great success.  I walk my dog in one of these adjoining areas and have noticed a big improvement in the waste problem since they put up the bag dispensers.  We hope by involving kids and art we will have an even bigger impact to create a cleaner and more well cared for environment.  The kids from Boys and Girls Club have joined in many neighborhood clean up efforts, only to see the same trashy behavior arise.  I believe they can have a bigger influence than adults if they sincerely take on the #DooFrudumpsdogdoo initiative.   They can shame the adults and set a standard of awareness simply by making art for the good of the neighborhood.  My own design is designed to give the idea to the kids, but definitely not to win the derby. My #DooFrudumpsdogdoo lady is a neighborhood spokesperson in need of kids’ art.

Garden Ideas from Grow Down

March 26, 2013

The final installations for the Grow Down design contest are all very impressive.  My favorite did not win the official competition, but I still love the water harvesting site built by Realm.  Here are the ideas from the other installations not centered around water harvesting and growing food, which is my personal bias.

The three other designs were also innovative and showed new ways to use small spaces to create privacy and shade.  The use of metal was popular with all four, but the winner constructed a full on room with a roof, couch and fireplace.  The full size tree and the water feature at the entrance clinched the deal with the judges I am sure.  The view from the comfy couch is really lovely, and would be great in cool weather with the modern gas fireplace.  If you live in Tucson I recommend that you see the grow down installations to pick up some excellent ideas to use at home in your garden.  I plan to try a few things I saw today.  There are lots of ideas that can be executed on an even smaller scale.

Environmental Design

September 11, 2012

largest chocolate fountain


conservatory of light and decorative planting

fantasy giant bee

flower lady bugs

flute playing nymph

acrobatic arts

water fountain

glass ceiling flowers

When you travel what kind of design changes do you like to make? I usually enjoy design that is neat and modern, uncluttered and sleek.  This is just not the way to design a gambling casino, as I have discovered.  When I see the world’s largest chocolate fountain I am not at all attracted to it.  It is obvious that many people like it a lot.  There is a place for public art, and since casinos have a lot of the public’s cash to use, it is fitting that they create adult fantasy environments. If flowing chocolate and giant bees are your thing, you will totally love the Bellagio in Las Vegas.

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