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The Rapids Of Rage

November 3, 2016 2 Comments

a country divided

a country divided


We are being swept away by strong currents of blame and hatred projected onto others. There is a pendulum of possibility swinging from reality to unreality. We treat this as if our perception at any given time is good, and all other positions are evil. This leads us all into delusional thinking. Everything is the fault of the beings on the other side of the swiftly flowing river of anger that divides us.  The blame game has been elevated to epic proportions while our social fabric has been torn.  Collective invisible enemies are everywhere, like Pokemon.  I believe we all contribute to this dangerous state of affairs.  The very belief that some other entity is responsible for our problems is at the root of all our problems. We the people are the problem as well as the solution.

The politicians use the phrase reaching across the aisle to say they compromise.  The rhetoric has become so toxic and harmful to our mood that general malaise has turned to a much more confrontational tone.  To say this election cycle has robbed the entire nation of happiness in 2016 is an understatement.  It has been detrimental to confidence in our government, both at home and abroad.  Our image is tarnished. Our belief in our own ability to cooperate is diminished to the point of hopelessness.  We the people are sick and tired of politics, ignoring the fact that we ARE politics.

Please vote, then devote your own personal energy into understanding “the other side”, whatever that may be for you.  Our codependent lifestyle, in which we all want everyone else to be different while we stay the same, is unsustainable.  We must find unity or drown in this violently churning whitewater of wild schemes and devises.  Some think we are at the end of days. Revelation 9:5
And they were not permitted to kill anyone, but to torment for five months; and their torment was like the torment of a scorpion when it stings a man.

We have been tormented to the point of madness.  Let the stings of hateful mud slinging cease.  Let us find peace.  We are officially hitting rock bottom in this democracy.  We must have a bounce from this awful experience. This is a sink or swim moment for us. We are all relieved about the end of the election cycle, but nobody is particularly thrilled about the outcome, whatever it may be.  We all create this mess with our thoughts, beliefs, and actions.

Conquering Fear

September 17, 2013 7 Comments

At the end of summer when I teach kids to swim I like to hold a show off party so they can impress themselves and others.  I had two students this year who worked hard, and came to lessons almost every weekend day all summer.  The mermaid blue belt was awarded and the official last call for swimmers to enjoy a dip took place.  Conquering fear of water is a metaphor for all new environments that will face these young ladies for the rest of their lives.  Being safe and cooperative are the key elements of water fun.  Performance skills are not as important as the news that practice works and changes everything.  They are in the deep end with appropriate safety measures having a good time, which was not possible in June when they began.

Bubbling Spring of Health and Confidence

January 12, 2013 2 Comments

I was reminded of a meditation technique I used to practice, but have almost forgotten. The bubbling spring meditation is an active way to make contact with the earth element and move stagnant energy in the body.  It is powerful and easy to learn.  I need to brush up and use it, since it is vital to remember how energy flows (and becomes stagnant) in the body.  Kidneys, as well as kidney chi, are the source of confidence and mental clarity.  I think this is the big mental illness plague confusing and freaking out the United States.  The kidney chi of the nation has been trashed with coffee and alcohol, drugs and junk food.  The adrenal gland of the nation is shot from constant flight or flight paranoid delusional thinking.  This is a people in need of contact with the earth, our supporting element. The water element of your body meets the earth at a specific point on the bottom of your foot known as the kidney one point. You can learn about this in more detail from a teacher of qigong, Tai Chi, or any Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioner, such as an acupuncturist.  I encourage you to do so.

Kidney one, a point to be found on the sole of your foot,  is the important gateway to health available with each step you take.  All you need to do is to find kidney one and start to know how it makes your life either lovely or hellish.  Once you know, you will respect the kidney meridian.  I spent a lot of time in dementia wards for a few years when my mom needed care.  We rescued her from that care because the standard of care  was to  dehydrate the helpless seniors to death. A few years later all the citizens of my country, including the congress, resemble the folks we met in the locked dementia wards.  They are angry, and irrational like crazy fire.  Kidney chi, gentle reader, kidney chi.

The water element is as unhealthy in our emotional society as the bodies of polluted water are around the globe.  We polluted the water on earth the same way we emotionally pollute our society.  We dis the flow.  We fight the river.  We ignore the Tao.  Simple steps can be taken to restore balance and order. Awareness is the key.


August 15, 2012

Dr Robert Fulford, DO, my primary care physician for years

I am openly afraid of doctors.  I avoid contact with them, except in social settings, where I am fine with them.  I know they don’t want to practice medicine during social times, and I certainly don’t want to talk about the way they practice.  I go to the dermatologist, the dentist, and the optometrist.  I have no issues with those office visits.  I am fond of teeth cleaning, and go 4  times a year.  If I wonder about a symptom in my own body, however, a medical doctor would be the very last person I would ask.  I have relied on my friend who is a chiropractor to diagnose, treat, and advise me for the last 20 years or so, since Dr Fulford retired.  Now Dr. Sue, my chiropractor friend,  is leaving to go to work for the VA in Las Vegas.

While dog walking with my neighbor a couple of days ago we discussed the state of medicine and how things have changed so drastically.  I told her I was fine with Dr. Sue leaving because she has introduced me to a very cool MD who practices emergency medicine and acupuncture near my home.  I walked home and promptly created a mini medical emergency by chopping off the tip of my index finger while cutting a watermelon.  Dr. Eric was already on my mind, having been so recently mentioned as medical savior, so I called him.   I found some Neosporin and bandages, did some first aid, then finished making melon juice.  Things looked bad to me initially, but when I learned Dr Eric was not going to be in his office for another week I had little pain and the bleeding had been stopped.  I said thanks for calling and told him I would come in next week if I have gangrene.  I have met him and taken a young friend to his office for acupuncture in the past.  I had a very good impression of the way he approaches health.  I am satisfied that he will take care of me at the same time I am totally freaked out at the idea of strange doctors in a hospital.  The good news is that my finger is healing well without even an aspirin needed.

Maybe there are people with unreasonable fear of doctors, but I like to think of my own as a practical one.  After having Dr. Fulford as my primary physician, then Dr. Sue, I believe I have learned enough to distinguish dangerous docs from the ones who do no harm.  I feel lucky not only to be healthy, but also to have had the best care in the past.  I hope to need as little as possible in the future.

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