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Food Trip, Austin

July 29, 2014 8 Comments

During my visit to Austin I have been on a grand and very festive culinary journey without traveling very much.  I discovered in the first couple of days how little I liked driving in this city.  Traffic is like Southern California, but there is no ocean view.  Knowing that, I investigated all the walkable and easy driving destinations to either buy groceries or enjoy restaurants and food trucks.  The only problem I have had is a complete inability to be hungry enough to eat everything I want to try.  Honestly, I don’t think they tolerate bad food around here.  At least I have not run across any.  This is the highest concentration of foodist festivities I have seen in my life.  I have been to Napa and the Bay area, and do like all the options in New York City.  However, I choose Austin, Texas as my own gourmet destination supreme.  I am here at a good time, with plenty of ripe peaches, figs, melons, peppers, okra, and all garden greens.  There are farmers markets on every day of the week if you choose to go.  Food trucks offer new kinds of fusion cuisine that you could not even imagine.  Naturally barbecue is big, but I don’t eat meat, so I stick to all the smoked veggies, cheese,and condiments.  They even smoke  hummus.  It is the creativity and dedication to pure unadulterated products that makes the difference.  I even tried beers that are 100% naturally fermented with yeast grown on the farm.  I have made some reviews in this blog to guide the gentle readers who might visit, but I would encourage anyone to just follow your nose and the menu that speaks to you.  There is an abundance of quality that will surprise you no matter what you like to eat.

During a museum tour I got hungry and walked out to find a bite to eat.  I went to the drag (Guadalupe) by the campus and was not favorably impressed. The area has become pretty dumpy with graffiti and garbage. This surprised me because next to campus was always a profitable active place for business.  It is now run down, tacky, and did not appeal to me.  I managed to find a restaurant right on the mall on campus operated by UT endowment that was lovely and when I was there, very off-peak.  This place is the best bargain in town. The Carillon Restaurant serves an all you can eat buffet at lunch for $17.00 that includes a 20% tip!!!!  The selection was outstanding, innovative, and prepared with skill and artfulness.  Servers were friendly and attentive, and the ambiance elegant.  All my selections were delicious.  The carrot ginger soup was much creamier ( as in half and half) than my own version which made it almost like a dessert.  The grilled romaine was tasty, as were the many grilled veggies on the buffet.  I splurged on a tiny raspberry tart and chocolate mousse before heading back to the museum.  I think if you only come to town for a day and will only have a chance to try one dining experience The Carillon is the place to go.  Bon Appetite, gentle readers.  Do you have a favorite food place in Austin?  Do tell.


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