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Weekend Coffee Share – Forging Ahead

November 19, 2016 5 Comments



If we were having coffee I would offer you some tasty new teas I just ordered, including a tangy cranberry flavored black tea that I am drinking.  We have coffee, of course, and some cornbread to eat by the wood stove.  The fire from last night is out, and today is warm, but I like to hang out next to my stove all winter.  It radiates heat as well as coziness.  I keep a big pot of water on top since it does zap what moisture we have out of the air.  Today I am floating a large dose of lavender essential oil with a dash of frankincense to bring up the seasonal mood.  My set of remote controlled LED candles arrives today from Amazon, which will complete my winter decorating. Next week I will let you play with them. I could not resist the sale on remote controlled candles.  They just sound like fun.

It is my pleasure to host this diverse group, and my wish that you will all continue to visit.  When the streets fill with the jolly sound of holiday traffic I stay home.  It is not difficult for me, and I am not at all missing out in any reindeer games.  I never go to malls, don’t like chain stores at all, and we don’t do any special gifting at holiday time.  So when I am asked if I am ready for Christmas I can safely say yes because I do nothing to prepare.  I like to have more lighting and scent in the home all winter, but there is no particular holiday theme. The theme is fire building, a sport I completely enjoy.  I love the job of fire tender, and consider it to be one of my best skills.  There is a trick to starting fires, which is allowing plenty of air to flow.  I try to use as little kindling as possible to get the bigger stuff started. My partner does the wood splitting, but I like the game of doing more with less. It is a metaphor for life.  We don’t need more fuel, we need more air to get started.

I consider this talented group of writers meeting for coffee to be friends, or at least allies.  Forging alliances takes time and alchemy.  We have a new year and new challenges.  This is a time to strengthen our alliances and forge new ones. We use this phrase to mean find commonality through trial by fire.  Forging requires intense heat and strong force. Once bonded the metals are inseparable, much stronger than a weld.  Hephaestus, blacksmith to the gods, was the creator of both Pandora and her famous box.  At the bottom of the box when all all else had escaped into the atmosphere, hope remained.



Thanks to all of you who forge friendships by finding time to share coffee each weekend.  I am mighty glad you came to hang out today.  My week has been smooth and easy.  My hope is to continue that pace and level of difficulty (very mellow) into 2017.  Please visit the digital party here to comment to add your post.

Hephaestus, Blacksmith of the Gods

March 20, 2014 5 Comments

Hephaestus was the crafty, cunning metalworker son of Zeus and Hera.  His difficult life began when his mother (or possibly his father) threw him off the planet at birth which pissed him off quite a bit and made him lame.  His talent at the forge became obvious early in his life, and he was called upon to craft golden thrones for his parents.  He used his extensive powers to revenge his rejection by creating a throne for his mother from which she could not escape.  A deal was struck to release Hera from the throne by giving Aphrodite to Hephaestus as a wife.  His marriage to the goddess of the sea was not blissful because she was unfaithful to him.  He is the only god that was imperfect and the only god that worked.  His mastery of fire was envied greatly by his father.  His archetype as a loner craftsman can be seen in people who focus on great artistry, production and invention. In Rome he was known as Vulcan.  In Tucson he is called Jerry Harris.  He was an ancestor of Daedalus, who fashioned wings, as does Mr. Harris.

Self Expression, The Metal Art of Jerry Harris

March 13, 2014 2 Comments

While hanging out in the steam room at my health club I noticed a man wearing a lot of silver jewelry and thought it must be hot on his skin. After a few steam room conversations I discovered that he is a metal sculptor who had worked in a shop in Tucson that I had later used as a pottery studio in the distant past. I have not worked with clay for a long time, but Jerry has evolved from making simple objects to producing very artful and complicated mixed media art. He worked as a ferrier.  He played polo in Colorado.  He bought the Village Blacksmith shop 30 years ago from another blacksmith.  His art today is centered around birds in action.  His knowledge about anatomy of birds has grown deeper as he has worked in this specialty field.  I was very lucky to have a personal tour of the shop and sculpture on display. He participates in the Pima Arts Council open studio tours.  Since there was no fire during my visit I thought my gentle readers would also enjoy watching the tools and Jerry in action:

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