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Mansplaining Explained

September 14, 2016 4 Comments

For those of you who do not know what mansplaining is, you may be inadvertently doing it.  You may also be a victim of it.  Not all mansplaining is done by men, unfortunately.  This powerful force in society is spreading like wildfire.  The comedy of it is hilarious, but the reality is disconcerting.  It plays out in the political campaign, naturally.  It also plays out when any woman has interactions with the government.  Our government has completely embraced the custom of condescending to citizens who want functional systems. We pay for everything these public “servants” do, but they live in a highly insular world where it is perfectly acceptable to sit around and mansplain to each other.  The #squadgoals seem to be ignorance and sexist bliss.

If mansplaining does not work it is usually followed by some gaslighting.  This is a practice of indicating that a woman must be out of her mind to be the way she is. This is a  more sinister form of mansplain, just more extreme.  Here in Tucson I reported the same egregious crimes to the Tucson Police Department for a decade, always being told that the crimes were not crimes at all, but civil matters.  I persisted because the crimes seriously effect everyone in my neighborhood.  Groups of neighbors, both male and female, petitioned to stop the crimes for years to no avail.  The situation had been totally mansplained internally, so we could get no law enforcement help.  Finally this year a cop came out in person to mansplain to me why the fake neighborhood watch to promote crime and willful blindness in our neighborhood was serving and protecting us.  He informed me that he is the law, as if a person could be the law.  When I did not accept this concept he came back the next day to gaslight me with the mental health division of the TPD.  After passing my mental exam they just decided to pretend that I did not exist, which after all, is the goal of both mansplaining and gaslighting.

This disastrous plague needs to be exposed as well as eradicated.  Everyone’s justice is compromised by this common practice.  Have you had experience with mansplaining or gas lighting, gentle reader?  Do tell.

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