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Themis, Titan Goddess

November 22, 2013 10 Comments


Themis on Delphic tripod

Themis is the Titan goddess of law, order, and prophecy. She gave birth to the Horae, the seasons, who determine the timing of all things in this world and beyond.  The scales of justice are associated with her.  The oracle at Delphi was founded by Themis and her mother Gaia.  both of them are in associated with prophecy.  She was an early bride of Zeus, and acted as his councilor, instructing him in divine law.  Man made law often is in direct conflict with divine law.  Themis defends her mother Gaia, the earth.  In this age of eco-consciousness and efforts to both save and restore natural resources in peril, Themis is the pure spirit of ecology.  She defends the beings, all the animal, mineral, and vegetable offspring of the Earth.  In the War of the Titans, she took the side of the Olympians.  She was the most important goddess in the first generation of Olympians. Today her significance is as a defender of our earthly mother.  Can you think of people or institutions that embody divine justice?

Rites of Eleusis

September 18, 2013 2 Comments

On September 21 the ancient Greek feast celebrating life, beauty, death, and rebirth began. The Rites of Eleusis resembled All Saints/Thanksgiving/Christmas is some obvious ways.  Harvest celebrations started on the equinox and continued until the end of September, with ritual and a secret sacred mystery school.  The drama of Demeter and Persephone was reenacted to symbolize the descent of  the queen of the underworld every fall, and her rebirth every spring.  These celebrations were well attended by people from all over Europe who came to participate in a secret initiation.  Rituals celebrating goddess power continued day and night until September 30 when the last of the initiations were performed, deep in caves of the temple.

The British occultist Aleister Crowley produced his own version in 1910 in London, which later seems to have become a rock opera:

Rites of Eleusis

Rites of Eleusis

How do you celebrate the end of summer and the return of darkness? Octoberfest?

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