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#NationalPoetryDay, 140 Character Challenge

October 6, 2016 1 Comment

Today is #NationalPoetryDay, a time when good, bad, silly, and stuffy poets come out of the woodwork.  Twitter is all a twee with creative use of language, both in rhyme and free verse.  All the classics are on hand from the bard to Lisa Simpson.  The political rhymes are flying along with Rumi at his best.  If you have not followed a hashtag or written poetry before, today is your day.  The Japanese form known as haiku is often attempted on twitter, but there are more forms from which to choose.  Try your hand at a short poetic statement and join your fellow poets on this special day.  You will find that 140 characters is more than enough to express sincere sentiment.  Be part of history.  Join #NationalPoetryDay October 6, 2016 to stretch beyond your current limits and have some fun.  Here is my first of the day:



April 17, 2013




Today is National Haiku Poetry Day.

Daylight springs

Scent travels fast

Morning blast

If you have not written poetry this may be the day it is easy to become a poet.  Try your hand. You have nothing to loose. Nobody can make you publish it.  Pay attention. Be amazed. Tell the story.

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