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Tea Tuesday Roiboos Lemon Cloud

May 30, 2017 3 Comments

rooibos lemon cloud

rooibos lemon cloud

Roiboos Lemon Cloud

Roiboos Lemon Cloud

Today I am enjoying the lilting lemon flavor of Roiboos Lemon Cloud tea from Adagio. The weather is hot and my day will be busy. I don’t need any extra caffeine.   This delightful tea has zero to put me on edge as a breeze through the afternoon. I will probably consume half a gallon of this on ice to stay cool and hydrated. The natural lemon flavor is highlighted with vanilla and lemon grass.  This blend reminds me of  lemon merengue pie, but has no fat or calories. I think the creamy vanilla adds the dessert touch to this tea without adding any sweetener.

I will drink it for lunch with a big salad. Roiboos tea has no bitter aftertaste, and therefore combines well with any meal.  The fresh light taste combines perfectly with fresh raw vegetables and fruits.  Hot or cold with dessert of any kind Lemon Cloud provides a sweet yet tangy contrast.  We have some blueberry cheesecake ice cream in the freezer that will be superb with the vanilla/lemony tea.  I have some rhubarb to stew that will also taste great with this tea. My flavor profile for the day promises to be healthy and delicious.

I like gin and tea cocktails, but think that fruit flavored rum would be a fun way to create a Lemon Cloud tea cocktail.  A coconut rum shot would compliment the flavors nicely.  You can use your imagination and discretion.  I use a little alcohol to tea, but you can use the ratio you prefer during your cocktail hour.  Experiment.  There is a world beyond Long Island Iced Tea waiting for you to discover.

I recommend this tea to everyone.  It is a good calorie and caffeine free choice for kids as well as adults.  The sophisticated flavor blend might convert some soda pop drinkers to iced tea.  It could be served at high tea with milk and sugar for a twist.  I buy it in the 16 ounce pouch, which prices out to about 10 cents a cup.  It is a thrifty and delightful alternative to bottled drinks.  The high mineral content and antioxidants contained in roiboos give the body a healthy boost while delivering sweet, slightly nutty flavor. Santé!

Roiboos Lemon Cloud

Roiboos Lemon Cloud

Heart Healthy Winter Drinks

January 16, 2017 1 Comment

Delicious ways to warm up the drink menu

Cafe Book Bean

Here are 10 comforting cozy drinks to sip on by the fire.
As a bonus they are heart healthy and easy on the waistline, in case anyone over-did the feasting 🙂

184832349Mulled Cranberry Cocktail

Simply flavor cranberry juice with a little ground cinnamon and cloves, bring mixture to a boil, and then reduce heat to a simmer.

images-2Dark Chocolate Cocoa

Use almond, soy, or hemp milk – that is low in saturated fat. You can also use fat-free cow’s milk or 1 percent milk. Make your cocoa with dark chocolate, this is an added health boost!

Spiced Cinnamon Cider6a00d8358081ff69e20168e5ddf801970c-800wi

Wrap whole cloves and whole allspice in a small piece of cheesecloth and add it to a saucepan of apple cider along with a few cinnamon sticks. Set on a stove burner and turn the heat to low; the spices will bring out the flavor of the cider as it…

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How to Deal with Negative People

August 28, 2016 3 Comments

Deal with the negative people you encounter

Dr. Eric Perry’s Blog

rainbow_annie_brettell_driving_back_from_bristol“You cannot have a positive life and a negative mind.” ~Joyce Meyer

1. Recognize and accept their toxicity
First and foremost, it is important to identify and accept that someone we know is a negative person. This can be difficult, especially when the person is someone we care about. Either way, we must be careful not to allow their negativity to transfer onto us. We need to accept that negativity is toxic and will only breed more negativity. It is especially important to avoid complainers. People who complain have given up hope that their actions can make any difference. We must be careful not to enable complainers by always listening to their woes.

2. Stop playing savior and/or problem solver
As human beings, we are wired to connect. For most of us, it is in our nature to lend a compassionate ear to someone who is in need. We must be careful not to let ourselves fall into the…

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Stay Calm, Restore Balance

October 26, 2015 2 Comments

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Life can throw challenging circumstances and people into the mix at any time. Our own composure and resilience is our biggest investment because the quality of our time is tied to it. The sayings on tee shirts about keeping calm then doing something are not only comical but are also practical. We can hardly accomplish our best work if we are flipping out about something.  Remaining calm in the face of tense situations is an accomplishment.  We need personal tool boxes ready to employ when stress becomes hard to handle.  Although many practices work, the tools must be tailored to the individual.  What lifts my mood might not be fun for you, so this takes some discernment. Packing the right tools for the job requires concentration as well as honesty.  You need to know not only what will work for you but also what you will actually practice.

Meditation takes many forms, not all of which require sitting still. Walking meditation and mindfulness training are both active ways to keep moving while training the mind to focus and stay clear.  Mantras, chanting and other sounds are excellent tools to anchor the mind.  Formal training is wonderful, but we don’t need to wait to start a practice.  Artistic expression provides simple straightforward access to the unconscious.  Making art requires a special sensibility, a focus on creativity that is strong.  Tapping into the inner artist is a way to train the mind and liberate the soul.

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Here are a few ways I find inner peace and concentration through art:

  • Visits to museums and gardens
  • Photography
  • Digital drawing and art
  • Freestyle freehand doodling on paper
  • Dancing at home by myself
  • Singing while dancing at home by myself
  • Poetry writing
  • Cooking
  • Gardening
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I have no professional aspirations as an artist, yet I consider myself artistic.  I am not meditative 100% of the time I engage in the above activities, but  frequently they lead to a calmer happier state of mind.  I believe each of us has essential creative gifts to offer which we have the option to develop.  Finding time to immerse ourselves in our own creative juices can be a path to peace and happiness.

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Sugar Plums

December 4, 2013

Dancing in our heads in December are sugar plums, even if we don’t know what they are.  I started making them years ago after I looked them up in a cookbook. I mix and match any dried fruits and nuts for the desired texture.  I am not a fan of fennel or anise, so I never use those spices.  You can choose the ones you prefer.  I like the drunk ladies’ addition of the orange peel, and I plan to incorporate it this year.  I am also stalking an exotic date found only in Scottsdale, the Black Sphinx.  I am going up soon on a visit and will bring these delicate beauties home for an extra special batch of sugar plums.  Dates are extra sticky and sweet, and lend themselves well to this treat.  If you have not tried to make this, it is almost impossible to fail, so give it a whirl.  They are universally liked by all ages.

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