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Cards and Letters Roll #InCoWriMo

February 1, 2017 5 Comments

On my first day of International Correspondence Writing Month I was completely surprised by my friend in New Jersey. He started early and mailed a letter to me so that it arrived on the very first day—way to go, Marc. You completely shocked me.  I started to unpack my desk drawer full of cards, writing paper, and postcards and found that the situation is much more serious that I thought it was.  I knew I had hoarded some paper goods, but I drastically underestimated the volume of my stash.  I have removed less than half of the contents of the drawer and have a selection on the table of at least 200 different ways to send mail in February.  I found 7 plain vintage postcards of unknown age, that my mom left me with 2 cents postage printed on the front.  I am going to send one of those to the Postmaster General in case it has some value.

I have cards from all over the world, and I still think they are as artful as the day I bought them.  I found 2 copies of my high school graduation invitation, so for the first day I gave my neighbor an invitation to my graduation.  We joke about having too much stuff stored in our houses all the time, so she was the perfect recipient of this 49 year old card for which nobody has any earthly use.  I found another copy and wish I could find somebody who went to that high school to be the surprise recipient of the other.  I might work on that because it would be funny.

Maybe I will just get into mailing things and keep sending them until they are all gone, but that would take years of daily diligence.  This is a crossroads, for sure.  I need to use these paper goods or release them to another more loving home where they will be used and appreciated.  I am now even more pleased to have decided to join the correspondence challenge in February now that i review my vast collection.  I realize the people to whom I mail these cards will get a charge out of them, and I have the possibility of freeing up a large drawer in my desk to use for other purposes.  Win/win.  If you want to help me win the battle of the paper drawer send me your mailing address, gentle reader.  Thanks.

Weekend Coffee Share, Sorting The Nuts

October 8, 2016 17 Comments

nuts to crack

nuts to crack

If we were having coffee this week I would invite you to the nut bar to find the right mix to pair with your tea or coffee. The nut bar is a nod to both #OctoberUnprocessed, which I find easy to do, and to the tidy guru, whose advise I am finding very difficult to follow. I purchased more fall festive flavors of white tea and chai partly because my tea company offered a free tiny bottle of honey with an order over a certain amount. I was a sucker for the honey, and have yet to impose any kind of tidy rules on my tea cupboard. It makes me very happy, and when a swing the lazy susan cabinet that houses it closed it adds no visual clutter to my kitchen.

In my journey to minimalism and clean eating I have created an alternative to processed crackers this week that is far superior to the store bought version. I made pesto shortbread to die for. I still have some in the fridge ready to slice and bake. It has the flavor of homemade pesto I already had on hand and utilizes some of the pine nuts I also have in stock.  My tidy muse reminded me that all of the nuts in my fridge are from last year.  The few pecans I still have in the shell have been waiting for way to long to be cracked open and eaten.  She (tidy muse) is absolutely right about consuming the old food to make room for the new crop which is soon to arrive on the market. In the spirit of tidy AND unprocessed I have started eating a daily deconstructed dessert.  It started with apples and honey for Jewish new year.  It is so pleasant and satisfying that I have followed with sliced apples or pears with cheeses and with nuts.  I have been enjoying this sweet indulgence by purchasing different honey and apple varieties to combine.  The honey from the tea company is cinnamon flavored, which is delightful with both the nuts and the apples.  I have pecans, pine nuts, walnuts, hazel nuts, and pistachios all on special for my tasting pleasure.  During your weekend beverage visit please help yourself to these seasonal delights.  The tidy muse will be so pleased when all the nuts are gone.

I am inspired by the many ambitious writers who frequent this coffee share. Some of you are very prolific while you continue full lives in other realms.   I have been thinking about writing more poetry, since I do really love it.  Like tidying, I have to struggle against some lazy lady lurking in the shadows who does not want to make the effort to write poetry.  I was set up to attend a poetry reading on Thursday, meant to get my poetry mojo working.  I slept through it, as I did the vice presidential debate the previous night.  I am extremely early to bed and early to rise, as well as a very sound sleeper.  I count myself as lucky to be able to easily sleep and dream, so I am not too harsh on myself when I snooze through anything.  I can always catch up on world events on twitter when I awaken.

Politics in the United States are heating up in all the most bizarre ways.  The tidy lady needs to school the politicians about hoarding old nuts.  There are now scary clowns in the woods as well as in government.  We are on a strange collision course with destiny.  There is absolutely no telling what will happen.

Catch up with writers who share coffee on the weekend here.  Sit down, enjoy, share whatever is on your mind.  Have a Nut!  They are on special this week.

How Many Art Supplies Does One Woman Need?

August 25, 2016 7 Comments

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As I go through my possessions in order to eliminate the items no longer useful to my life, I have discovered the “art supply” hoarder in me. I knew that I was a jacket and costume freak, and own way too many pieces of dress up clothing. I have discovered that I am equally attached to a whole bunch of stuff I can’t bring myself to eliminate. The largest category, other than books, is art supplies. In each and every room and cranny of my home I find items I have stashed because I believe I will someday make art with them. Some of this stuff has been here for a decade without being moved.  The list is ridiculous and much longer than I imagined.

I own:

  • all manner of crayon, watercolor, pencil, pen, chalk, etc.
  • enough fancy journals of special paper to choke a horse
  • pads of every kind of paper, graph, watercolor, drawing, and handmade
  • enough fabric and sewing gear to open my own fashion house
  • specialty buttons I purchased in exotic places around the world
  • vintage and modern sewing patterns
  • two sewing machines (you know, in case one breaks down)
  • two iPads
  • two iPods
  • three laptops
  • two kindles
  • one working 35 mm camera, and a bunch of dead ones
  • tons of unfinished art projects

That is not even taking into consideration all the crazy fancy exotic groceries I collect because I believe I am a culinary artist all the time.  I own some spices and tea I hauled home from Europe years ago…this is not something to is intended to be consumed. My big issue is just to go ahead and use it. It must be done.

I can tell this as gotten completely out of hand and I must take some action.  I need to discard some stuff, but more to the point, I need to use it.  I have found a class that is offered at the Tucson JCC, where I enjoy my Silver Sneakers membership, in drawing and painting.  It is held twice a week on a drop in basis.  One buys a punch card and uses it at one’s own pace.  The best part of this class is that you bring your own supplies.  Hallelujah!!! I will take supplies for my own work, and perhaps be able to share (read unload) some of my excess with my fellow art students.  I think this will help me come to terms with my artist archetype.  Am I an artist or a hoarder with artistic illusions?  We soon shall see, gentle readers.  Do you have attachments to things you keep for making art?

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