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Space, Time, Alchemy

January 19, 2013 3 Comments

Alchemy Symbols

Alchemy Symbols

Alchemy is the act of transformation.  Throughout history the alchemists have studied nature and mystery.  We participate in alchemy when we focus our spiritual talents on the elements of the earth.  Inventors and those who are especially creative tap into alchemy to turn imagination into reality.  It has been associated with medicine, but all science is the realm of the alchemist. Carl Jung brought alchemy and archetypes into psychiatry.  The collective consciousness communicates through symbols and dreams.  The alchemists, like wizards and magicians, use mythical power to transform or create.

Our time and space are literally created and projected by us.  We are active participants in our entire experience of reality.  My favorite alchemist in history is the Swiss Paracelsus, who practiced medicine and magic at the same time.  He was searching for the Christian version of pagan natural magic.  He promoted Jacob Boehme’s Doctrine of Signatures, a spiritual belief that plants are designed to communicate their healing properties to man.  His work was both controversial and respected during his lifetime.  What distinguishes the alchemist from a wizard or magician is a constant experiment.  The science of chemistry was developed from the  never ending experiments of the alchemists.

If you could focus your spiritual energy on nature to transform your life, what would you transform?  If you were to focus do you think you could change the quality of your experience?


July 17, 2012

The Power of Myth

I have begun an in-depth study of archetypes with Caroline Myss, a favorite author. She has recorded the lessons and homework for an on line course entitled Sacred Contracts, based on her popular book of the same name. As a home student I have already done a few things out of order, which seems to go along with my choice of the rebel in my core archetype group. I am a teacher, another one of my core archetypes, but this is balanced by the rebel not exactly following any orders ever.  It is fascinating and will eventually make me follow all the sequences in order because I really do want to learn to teach this subject.

The process I am learning is based in part on the kind of Jungian analysis that takes years with a therapist to achieve  big expensive revelations. The archetypes used by Jung, and also made popular by Joseph Campbell, Bill Moyers, and PBS, are similar to the gods in any pantheon. They are primal forces, and active participants in the journey of the soul.  When I was about 40 a friend gave me a book about analysis and archetypes and proclaimed that I am definitely Aphrodite.  With this intro, I read the book and agreed with my friend.  I don’t remember much about the book, but am sure I was not enough involved with the depth of the subject at that time to be able correlate what I read with my life experience.  I just liked the idea that my friend saw me as Aphrodite.

Now as I honestly remember and become familiar with these players on the karmic stage I am struck with how powerful they can be.  I am in the very beginning of an understanding that is changing the way I perceive time, space, and matter.  I feel that I am expanding my way of looking at phenomena.  Usually one needs to look back over time to notice profound change.  This one I am  doing on purpose.  Since the purpose is to discover the purpose of my life, I thought it best to do it on purpose.  I have done similar studies and reading before so I feel appropriately warmed up to the task.  I love being a student, and this subject matter suits me perfectly.

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