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#WritePhoto, Half Shining Armor

January 26, 2017 11 Comments



Beneath the staircase of the palace, lurking silently in the dark
The master’s old Tudor dynasty armor stands guard as if alive
Little has changed in the basement rooms since jousting was the sport
The aristocrat concerns himself with wealth and status in the court
Royal drifters follow in the entourage of holy soldiers and servant slaves
In service of some magic majesty that never showed up when expected
We thought time would both heal wounds and protect us from the ravages of injustice

The clock of destiny has not been kind to the greedy crusaders

Marking time with the shattered bones of their broken glory

There are no knights left to tell the end of this frightening story

Their legacy has been buried, lost all meaning of chivalry and grace

The names fade fast in history’s book, vanishing without a trace

Don’t trust armor from an ancient time to protect you from the storm

It may be impenetrable and conductive, but it is anything but warm

The photo prompt comes from Sue Vincent’s blog and is used as inspiration for writing short fiction and poetry.  Try your own hand if you like.  Please visit Sue, or use the hashtag #writephoto on twitter to find other interpretations of this image.  Thanks for visiting, gentle reader.




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