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#WeedWednesday Shatter

August 1, 2017 1 Comment

One of the concentrates available on the market for medical marijuana patients is called shatter. It is a butane extraction of dried plant material. The solvent butane dissolves and extracts the active ingredients from the plant. After the solvent is evaporated through a distillation process, the product is aged in a vacuum oven to further remove any residual solvent that remains in the product. The highly concentrated shatter can then be used in various ways, including smoking it.  It is ready to be absorbed easily by the body in this form, and therefore delivers a fast acting onset.  For those who want to smoke very little for maximum benefits, shatter is one way to achieve that goal.  A little bit goes a long way.

At our dispensary, Desert Bloom Re-Leaf Center, shatter is available in many strains.  The flavor as well as the effects are preserved by this method.  The essence of the plant’s active ingredients are harnessed for concentrated use.  Start with a single low dose to find out for yourself how best to use shatter for your condition.  Your bud tender will assist you in selecting a strain that matches your needs, and show you how to use shatter.

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