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March 29, 2017 2 Comments

Take heed, mortals


Skip to death, to spoil the beginning
Flip a breath, to loyal wishful thinking
Tic-toc! – ‘It won’t slow down or rush’
A date won’t procrastinate. Shhh shush.

Do you care if ‘the sun’ shines today?
If rain pours… What do you display?
Do you bother with “Good morning?”
If it’s not yours… border the warning.

“Signs” for taking are along the way
An awakening is repeated every day
A voice, a noun, a told… your reward
Don’t look down, hold on to the cord

Task the ask, for the mask has ‘a tax’
Soon it’ll be done, won’t total to none
Feel an announce from ocean’s station
Spill at once, ’emotions’ by revelation

The respected milestones of this life
‘Time by time’ with unexpected strife
The dealt seriousness, denied simper
The felt, not the illness of the thinker

Act now, bow, for life is prime & hour
Timed by…

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