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Changing My Vibration

January 11, 2017 1 Comment

Vibration Platform

Vibration Platform

Last week my friend talked me into going to the home show downtown at the civic arena, although it is not my cup of tea. I ended up having a good time and making a discovery. We went to a booth selling power plates, now known as vibrational platforms and tried the merchandise. We mounted the vibrating plate and stood in a couple of positions for about 5 minutes total. I discussed the pricing and said I would think about it, but the price was not in my range. I have been aware of these machines for many years, but had never tried one because of the high price. They were used often in professional offices and studios, rented to the public by the minute in the past. Now the price has come way down and the selection is vast for the consumer.  No special skill or fitness level is needed.

My friend called to tell me that our 5 minute vibration demo had done wonders for her chronic hip pain. This good news spurred me to research and shop for my own home model. To my surprise and delight I found a portable unit for sale on Amazon $600 cheaper than the home show. It arrived today. I am thrilled. It is easy to use and convenient to store. I tried standing, sitting, and balancing on my arms with feet on the floor. I just did 25 minutes today in order to see how it feels. It wiggles at a speed chosen or runs a program of choice. I have much to learn about the various ways to use it, but already am very happy I own it.  Heidi can get rid of her pain and I can play around with different movements while I vibrate.  It feels good while you do it, but I believe the long term effects will be the best part of it.  The system works to tone muscles, but the reason I bought it was to drain the lymphatic system.  A healthy, happy lymphatic system is a strong immune system, keeping one in good health.  My new fitness toy is a fun way to strengthen my immune system by draining my lymph daily.  I look forward to the long term rewards.  Have you ever used a vibration platform, gentle reader? They have come a long way from the physical therapist’s office. Anyone who can stand up can do it.


How to Cure Inflammation

June 14, 2016 2 Comments

I have been a client and fan of Justine Robbins for many years. She is a very talented and skilled cranio-sacral therapist as well as a lymphatic drainage expert. She knows my body well, and has always helped me keep my health in balance.  I believe regular lymphatic drainage by a competent therapist is one of the best investments I can make to my long-term well-being.  The lymphatic system is an often overlooked key player in the body’s defense against disease.  The lymph carries away inflammation and infection.  When it is out-of-order consequences can be very serious our health. The lymphatic flow can heal itself and rebuild pathways to bring back function to the area. If it is damaged therapy relieves swelling and inflammation by rerouting the lymphatic fluid.  In time the body establishes working routes for this crucial drainage.

Any time you have an incision you will cut and disrupt the lymphatic system.  I recently had a surgery on my arm that resulted in some puffiness around the site.  It is not serious or painful, but I wanted to test Justine’s new laser system.  Her new office is close to home, which I love. The treatment consists of socially catching up with Justine (in my case) while she runs the laser over the area for about 10 minutes.  She has discovered the therapy works best if short consecutive sessions are used.  Of course I can’t know how my arm would be if I had done nothing, but I can see and feel a difference in the swelling present today.  I will continue the series to speed the healing on my incision.  I am pleased to know that this space age treatment is available to me in the future. Theralase is my new best friend.

If you live in Tucson you can visit Justine’s practice, LightSpeed Therapy at 3333 N. Campbell Ave, Suite 2.  She can be reached at 520-908-8907.  I highly recommend her services and this new cool tool.  Some Canadian insurance covers this kind of treatment, and we hope in time the US will discover the efficacy of this non invasive therapy.

Justine and Theralase

Justine and Theralase

Cancer and the Lymphatic System

June 15, 2013 3 Comments

People who undergo cancer treatments or surgery often suffer from permanent damage to the lymphatic system. There is a process they can use, combined with movement, to restore the flow of lymph by sending it through new pathways. Justine Robbins has many years of experience working with cancer patients as a lymphatic drainage therapist. She wishes more people had more knowledge, especially those who have cancer and lymphoma. It is very common to overlook this gentle treatment while the patient suffers great pain from swelling. Justine explains why this simple technique can provide relief and healing for many who do not know it exists.  Supportive Care for Healing at the U of A Cancer Center offers this treatment at a very reasonable price.

Lymph and Your Health

June 14, 2013 2 Comments

I go regularly to Justine Robbins for lymph drainage treatments. I look at it as boosting my immune system. This little known activity in the body is essential for good health. Understanding how the lymph nodes are connected and what they do might illustrate why this treatment can make a big difference in overall your wellbeing and resiliency. In Europe it is more common to find this kind of therapy because there is generally more knowledge available on the benefits. I am so lucky and happy to have access to supportive care for healing and Justine.

U of A Cancer Center Touch Therapies

May 20, 2012 3 Comments

I recently discovered in my hood the touch therapy services of the U of A Cancer Center on Campbell Avenue in Tucson.  The services are not limited to patients, but if a patient needs a service, a non patient must be willing to give the treatment to the patient as part of the terms.  My own experience has been with Justine Robbins, LMT, who has given me three lymphatic drainage treatments in the last 10 days.  She is skilled and pleasant, taking her appointments in the spacious rooms designed for the purpose. For my third session she brought special cups, like the acupuncturists use, and did my treatment with a little extra vacuum power. I am feeling “super spring cleaned” after treatments with Justine. I will return to her on a regular basis, maybe once a month for the wellness benefits.  I might do craniosacral treatments next month.

Justine is part of a team offering reflexology, acupuncture, craniosacral, Reiki, and Swedish massage as well as movement classes in yoga, laughter stretching,Tai Chi and Qi Gong to patients at the cancer center.  Members of the community are invited to fill in the therapists schedules when patients are not booking them.  I love the way the community benefits from as well as supports the efforts of the clinic at this healing facility. To schedule touch therapies call the volunteer desk, which is staffed at times by the capable and hospitable Adam Koker, pictured here at the reception desk. Adam told me about two different programs that offer financial assistance to patients who can’t afford the therapies that will help them recover. I am truly pleased to see a hospital operate such a program. Payment is taken in cash or check, and is processed by the volunteer desk before your treatment.  The number to call for touch therapies appointments is (520) 694-1812.  This is one reason Tucson is evolving as a healthy place to live.ImageImageImageImage

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