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Jumping Jupiter Retrograde, Batman

December 17, 2014 3 Comments

Jupiter is by far the most massive planet in our solar system. The Roman god Jupiter was worshiped as the purveyor of the universe.  He was the ruler of the daytime sky, the god of lightning and thunder, and the political deity of the Roman state. As king of the gods he administered the cosmos. He is the son of Saturn, known for his  jovial nature.  Jove, as in by Jove the English expression, refers to the god Jupiter.  Thursday is his day and protection of the state is his mission.  He was the main man in the pantheon when Jesus was born in a Roman colony.  He was revered for his reputation for abundance and good fortune, as well as very fine organizational and judicial skills.  He was known for bringing chaos to order.

The fifth planet from the sun is now retrograde from the point of view of the earth.  This means that due to our orbits around the sun, Jupiter appears from the earth to travel in reverse.  This phenomena has significance in astrology, representing a chance to go over events in the past and make improvements.  The Jupiter retrograde period will last until April, ending just as US taxes will be due.  It represents a chance to review our organization and abundance issues.  This time is a portal to edit and remake your own movie that has been running since last September.  You do not have to believe in the power of Jupiter to know that good fortune regularly follows good organization. There is no need to worship the god of the daytime sky to use this time to significantly improve your own judgement and organization.  Americans need to review the year for the IRS, if not for Jupiter.  Take your habits through an honest evaluation aimed at creating more joviality and order.  We all have room for improvement, Gentle Readers.  What did you start last September that is not properly organized?  Imagine jolly Jupiter guiding you through tax preparation and New Year’s resolutions.  Redirect your attention to all that brings you joy.  Rigorously remove disorder and chaos that clutter your life.  Finish what you started, either by discarding it or completing it.

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