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Vibration Platform Routines

February 7, 2017 1 Comment


I have been using my vibration platform for at least 15 minutes each day for a few weeks. Some days I do it in different positions for 30-45 minutes.  I have been experimenting with speeds, and programs, as well as positions.  I have been enjoying it and think it is having a positive effect on my general health.  I found a couple of good videos to teach me various new options.  This smooth moving sequence above looks like a vinyasana…constantly in motion. I like the idea of using a mat for traction on the floor behind the platform. I am going to incorporate some of these ideas and positions into my routine.

My neighbor Heidi has been using it also and we both like it.  We talked today about finding more material to try on our platform.  I am crazy about the Philippine version below of  vibration plate class.  This is used like a vibrating step…wild!! He also does an eight count then changes position.  I have been holding positions as long as I can, like squat, backward bend, etc.  I see the fun of changing positions constantly, but we will use different music.  There are other demo videos on Youtube with more ideas for those of us who love to vibrate.  These new ideas keep it fresh.  I am a big fan. Have you tried the power plate, gentle reader?  It is an efficient way to get a great workout in t short time and drain your lymphatic system at the same time.  I bought it for the lymphatic drainage, and now I find I love it for the way it makes me feel. FUN!!

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