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The Prince Archetype

March 21, 2013 4 Comments


In literature and mythology the prince is an archetypal figure. In drama or our lives the prince represents one who must take the mysterious and trying journey to become king. His dark shadow companion is the wanderer, who never accepts reposnsibility and continues to avoid the dignity and responsibility of his royal inheritance. They look a bit like William and Harry, honestly.  The prince can be charming or dark in his presentation.  He may complete his journey and become king, but there is no guarantee.

Carl Jung identified 4 masculine archetypes, and made the assertion that to be whole man must be in touch with all of them.  He also explained the bi-polar potential inherent in each character.  They are described as shadow and positive qualities.  The soul embarks on an epic journey to mature on earth.  The heroes and Prince Charmings of our lives have lessons to teach as well as to learn.  When you think of this archetype who pops into your thoughts?  Americans have some pretty wild versions of the prince from Disney to the artist formerly and once again known as Prince.  How do we know when our American prince becomes a king?  tricky..

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