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Regular Guy Archetype

February 25, 2013 2 Comments


Everyman, also known as the regular guy, is one of the archetypes in Carl Jung’s core breakdown.  The primary goal of this player in the personality is to be accepted. Blending in, not standing out, is the way the regular guy relates to society. Ad companies use this profiling to create messages that they hope will reach the market of choice. To be desirable to a regular guy a product needs to show that everyone uses it. The most common experience is the target.

This player has much in common with the orphan child archetype, having similar needs and fears.  This personality will forfeit much in order to feel like a part of something.  After finding the fold in which to fit, they often find it unrewarding and not what they had hoped it would be.  The irony of seeking  approval from others by being like them is that your own desires may never be made clear.  If standing out in a crowd is your worst fear, your own dreams (and personality) may forever remain a mystery to you.

I do not respond well to messages aimed at Everyman.  They have a negative effect by showing me that everyone is doing something.  I recoil from that.  A Eurofriend said this week she does not understand Oprah, the American phenomena.  I tweeted her that Oprah is everywoman, as a joke.  But, in truth, Oprah does market herself as everywoman (who can afford to buy $900 blouses).  That is pretty ironic in itself, that her favorite things are out of range in price for most of her audience. She makes many feel like they are a part of her network, even if she is really the queen.

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