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You Don’t Need A Weatherman

November 10, 2016 1 Comment

…to know which way the wind blows. Bob Dylan, Subterranean Homesick Blues.

Think about how perfect these lyrics are for America right now, 2016.  Suddenly everyone is surprised about the conditions that prevail.  We are swinging to the other end of the pendulum, my gentle readers.  It is time for the equal and opposite reaction of those who are disenchanted with government.  Initially these words were used to call out an oppressive secretive regime.  Today the vandals who took all the handles are the political parties themselves.  If we ever had a real revolution (doubtful, fellow boomers) now comes the obvious counter revolution. We said we believed in the winds of change.  Here they are.  They will huff and puff and blow this house down because we built it out of sticks.  If you are feeling homesick in your country, take responsibility for the future.  Take democracy seriously or it will vanish before our very eyes. I can’t give you any specific advise except to say this did not happen overnight and was not done by one person, one party, or even one country.  We have all been partners in this crime.  Wake up and smell the danger.

Self Determination, #VenezuelaMuereTuCallas

March 4, 2014 2 Comments

Tomorrow, 5 March, 2014, use #VenezuelaMuereTuCallas to share concern for the violence in Venezuela.  Brutality has broken out all around the globe lately, and none of it was spontaneous.  The seeds of ugly war have been planted long before they bear fruit this bitter and horrid.  It is hard to know if violence has been reduced or increased as a result of YouTube, twitter, and all digital formats.  What is surely true is that we are exposed to it in direct ways that were not possible in the past.  We shall know the truth and the truth will set us free…That is what I learned from reading the University of Texas tower, and I believe it.

The call to action bringing attention to the expanding crisis in this Caribbean nation with petroleum and a history of corruption is close to my heart.  I still have friends who live there.  With the violence heating up I am concerned for their safety.  It is the least I can do to spend some time tomorrow tweeting leaders in Washington.  You can use hash tags now on Facebook too, for those of you who don’t tweet. You just type it all as one word #VenezuelaMuereTuCallas.  It means Venezuela is dying and you are mute.  Please speak up and become informed, gentle readers.

Donde Vas, Venezuela?

February 21, 2014 4 Comments

I lived in Venezuela in the early 1960s.  My father was manager of operations for Mene Grande Oil Company, aka Gulf Oil.  I lived in San Tomé in a remote petroleum camp in the llanos.  I lived as a petroleum princess and listened to Radio Havana because it was the only station that came in clearly.  We lived an opulent life surrounded by fences and guards.  Trinidadians usually worked as servants in our homes because they were bilingual.  We had one very high lifestyle in every respect.

John Kennedy was shot before I moved to South America, which was unsettling.  Race riots were taking place in the states, but we were isolated from that reality hanging out at our private social club in the tropics.  We lived in extreme segregation, but thought nothing of it.  The seeds of revolution are planted many years before they mature.  The wealth discrepancy in South America was shocking, but since it was all to our advantage we were told it was inevitable.  These experiences all became part of my knowledge of the world and later part of  my politics.  I distrust all imperialists and their motives.

With a simplistic agenda to end unbearable insecurity the students began to march last week in all the cities in Venezuela. The outcome of this battle will be significant and was long in the making.

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