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Being Authentic

August 16, 2016 8 Comments

I am hearing the same message from all the books and posts I read these days. In a world that conforms all too easily it is essential to be particularly true to one’s self. My teacher Chris Brogan just hit me this morning with some excellent thoughts on what is lost when one fits in with the crowd these days.  Popularity and authenticity are not the same thing, and sometimes are completely opposed to each other.  Our politics reflect a chaos and lack of discipline that runs through society.  Mob mentality seems to be taking over our thinking in America.

I wonder if we can step back and take individual action to change the crazy status quo in our country.  I wonder if we can stand up for law and order and for justice at the same time.  We have reached a tipping point that demands we be awake and aware of the reality we are creating.  What do you think, gentle reader?  Obviously vote. What else can we do?

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