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#AdventBotany – Getting stuffed at Christmas: Sage — Herbology Manchester

December 16, 2016 1 Comment

There are many more gastronomically interesting options available at Christmas time, but I’m still always drawn to the reassuringly traditional sage and onion stuffing. Nowadays, in addition to stuffing poultry, sage is most commonly used to flavour other meat dishes (particularly sausages in British cuisine). However, its scientific name, Salvia officinalis, shows its heritage as a […]

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Royal Coat of Arms

October 18, 2012

An armiger is a person who has the right to bear heraldry. In the United States there are no legal limits to bearing or designing your own coat of arms. In UK, Spain, Ireland, and Canada, places concerned with historical authenticity and royal ancestry, the use of the heraldry is regulated by law.  I am not sure what would become of you if you went out with heraldry that was bogus to you, but it is against the law.  The rest of us are free to create coats of arms for any occasion, on the fly.

When the Mayflower sailed to Plymouth the Pilgrims left the religious restrictions they had known in England.  They took extreme risks to pursue religious freedom.  They had their own costuming and strict code that bound them together in this adventure.  They originated near Sherwood Forrest, fled for Amsterdam, then Leiden, arriving in 1609.  The trip to America began there not only for the Pilgrims of Plymouth Colony, but for many branches of my family tree.  It appears that almost all of my ancestors were anxious to high tail it out of Europe in the early 1600s.  There is much research to be done, but it seems that they all took these risks sailing across the Atlantic because they had extreme convictions of various sorts. Some believed as traders and planters they would prosper and thrive.  That seemed to be enough for the Dutch ones.  The Brits and the French who sailed out of Leiden were all on big religious trips. As Thanksgiving approaches I am pretty obsessed with my Pilgrim ancestors and all their deets.  I truly enjoy living vicariously through the discovery of the actual history of my ancestors.

After about three years of working on my family tree  I have collected many coats of arms from my branches.  The tree grows ever wider as it goes backwards in time. Some have heraldry.   I was thinking about making a piece of art with some of them, and one that I make myself.  The real ones have symbols that were meaningful to the family.  Mine will have symbols that are enchanting for me.  The Queen of your Own Life book includes guidelines for creating one’s own coat of arms, as well as a coronation ceremony to claim sovereignty over body, mind, and spirit. I adore the positive and contemporary way Queen Cindy and Queen Kathy present alchemy, ceremony, and magic.  To eliminate the negative  is to create space for the essence, the distilled spirit, the powerful talisman.  I am pleased to live in a country where I can, as a queen wild and free, create and fly my own royal heraldry without fear of retribution by authorities.  I plan to make use of this inalienable right.  Have you thought about the symbols that you would use to express the essence of you?

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