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Going Prime Full Time

December 9, 2013

Since I joined Amazon Prime I admit to having gone on a free delivery shopping spree. I have also been streaming more television than we normally watch in order to compare and conclude if we want to keep Hulu Plus and or Amazon Prime. They are both good deals if you have time to use them fully. Although Hulu Plus has some very good content not available anywhere else, there are still commercials in the Hulu shows.  I have been enjoying watching several episodes in a row of the shows I like on both venues.  There are great advantages to using these services:

  • Original content
  • On demand streaming of everything on your schedule
  • They recommend shows based on your taste for exploration
  • Amazon Prime has no commercials
  • Amazon Prime has a full time digital lending library for Kindle
  • Amazon Prime has two day free delivery of many items you buy
  • Price—- all this streaming media is almost free compared to cable

Since I love reading and other activities I can’t imagine making good use of two streaming video services.  After this month of samples I am going to give up the membership at Hulu Plus.  I had also, years ago, resigned from Netflix because we did not watch it.  All you can watch is like all you can eat; It is probably not a good idea to do it very often.  I like the all you can read option in which you can leave home with a zillion books in your Kindle and have a long battery life and fabulous screen on which to read.  After a year on the Three Book Diet, I would rather go on a reading binge than a television marathon.  If you are paying for cable and wonder if you can lower your entertainment bill, now is a good time to try the 30 day free Amazon Prime membership.  The only down side I can think of is that I am not shopping local when I get my items delivered.  I am supporting Amazon instead of a local merchant.  For now, we still support our local cable company. We may be able to cut the cord once we learn to use our streaming situation to the best advantage.

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