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Mythic Dreams

June 4, 2015 2 Comments



Symbols in dreams are personal.  We dream only of faces we have seen before, even if we are barely familiar with the person.  The character, or archetype played by the face depends completely on personal experience.  Dream dictionaries and aids to interpret meaning found in dreams can only make references to universal archetypes.  To grasp the personal message brought to the dreamer the images themselves must be savored and visited in waking time.  Writing in a diary upon awaking before moving or engaging in the activities of the day is helpful. By keeping these notes on a regular basis you may discover themes that you can identify in a personal way.

Sometimes at crossroads in life a person will receive a vivid memorable message during sleep. The images and meaning of mythic dreams are significant beyond the every day way the unconscious communicates. The protagonists in the drama make a deep impression that lasts and speaks to the psyche for a long time. Carl Jung identified seven basic archetypes making appearances in dream time.

  1. The persona- the mask or personality you present to the public, your image
  2. The shadow- everything that is hidden in your personality, the unknown you
  3. The anima/animus- the masculine/feminine nature of your being, your sexuality
  4. The divine child- you in perfect innocence, uncomplicated childlike self
  5. The wise woman/man-wizardry and wisdom, a figure of authority and gravitas
  6. The great mother- the maternal nurturing quality that cares for life, provides
  7. The trickster- shows the error or the joke at the heart of the matter, points to poor judgement or precarious situations

Loaded images and story lines float through our heads while we sleep.  If we have a problem on the mind it is possible to solve it during a dream.  Practice and meditation on our own dream images will make clearer the point of the communication. Our subconscious warns us, encourages us, and sometimes tells us we are foolish.  It is never straightforward, but over time we can dig more deeply into the messages our dreams deliver on a nightly basis.  Have you ever kept a dream diary, gentle reader?  Have you ever had a mythic dream that changed your thinking?




Coniunctio Oppositorum

June 7, 2013 3 Comments

The reunification of opposites in alchemy is called Coniunctio Oppositorum. The material is separated in the distillation process.  In the collective consciousness imagery and music exist as powerful actors.  The opposites can be soul and spirit, Republican and Democrat, or just black and white.  Our individual dreams and psyches are influenced by all the opposites in the universe.  It is an act of magic to distill your thoughts and ethical boundaries. It is an act of wisdom to recognize that we are each as magical as the other.

Cycles of Rebirth

March 30, 2013 6 Comments



I: And the crown? Solve the riddle of the crown for me!”

Soul Bird: “The crown and serpent are opposites, and are one. Did you not see the serpent that crowned the head of the crucified?”

I: “What, I don’t understand you.”

Soul Bird: “What words did the crown bring you?

“Love never ends”-that is the mystery of the crown and the serpent.” ~Carl Jung; Red Book.

Carl Jung was the son of a reform minister who grappled with his own religion throughout his life.  He had high aspirations and did some deep Dante style soul searching.  His final spiritual expression was the Red Book, published after his death.  In it he links symbols to deeper meaning.  He was a student not only of mythology and history, but also of the ancient sciences.  He studied the astrologers and the work of the alchemists to find clues to the collective consciousness as it has passed down through history.  He was interested in Kundalini, the serpent coiled at the base of the energetic spine.

During the time of Christ the GrecoRoman god of healing Aesculapius was still popular. Cures and diagnosis in the cult of this demi god involved dreams and dream healing.  His symbol, and indeed his assistants in healing temples, were the snakes.  They were deemed to be powerful psychics.  The symbol of the snake as natural healer was traded for the image of snake, the temptation of Eve, which got everyone thrown out of the Garden of Eden, reptiles included. We are not sure who lives there now..

If you have dreams of crowns or serpents, pay special attention. Something may be attempting rebirth within your soul.


September 9, 2012


I am studying the alchemist archtype in my life. I have used the word vitriol, but have not associated it with alchemy until I found it in my reading yesterday.  I purchased a beautiful book, Signs & Symbols by Beryl Dhanjal.  In this excellent art and prose work I discovered that vitriol is an acronym, just like OMG.  It stands for Visita Interiora Terrae Rectificando Invenies Occultum Lapidem,” “Visit the interior of the earth and rectifying (purifying) you will find the hidden stone.” The motto originated in L’Azoth des Philosophes by the 15th Century alchemist Basilius Valentinus.  Both Alchemists and Freemasons use this motto.

In chemistry ancient science referred to sulfuric acid is vitriol.  I have a strong memory of the alchemist in chief in my life, my father, teaching me to make hydrogen bombs. I was probably about 8.   We dissolved magnesium metal bits in hydrochloric acid, but vinegar works, or any acid, I think.  The combination makes hydrogen gas that when ignited, explodes.  At school in the 1950s we had air raid drills about hydrogen bombs.  At home I got to make them.  Both my dad and I liked the little ones we made in test tubes, so we went big one day.  He put the acid and the metal in a gallon jar, which was somehow closed and directed into a plastic tube about 30 ft. long. My dad had no experience in the hurt locker, just in fracking and blowing up oil reservoirs underground.  My mother watched from the upstairs window horrified as my dad lit the end of the hose, which I think was supposed to blow a can in the air.  The tube with the gas in it flamed across my dad’s beloved lawn and the glass bottle blew to smithereens.  I was thrilled, but my father was significantly freaked out.  I think we went on a hiatus from explosion chemistry for a while after that.  I am pretty sure that is when I had to build the crystal radio.  I remember not being nearly as pleased with that radio as I had been with our explosive past.  It is good to have an alchemist for a father.  They combine things that other fathers do not.

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