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Bloomberg — Constellation Brands Inc., which for seven decades has made its money off beer, wine and whiskey, sees its future in a marijuana leaf. In the biggest (legal) cannabis deal, the Victor, New York-based beverage company will spend about $3.8 billion to boost its stake in Canadian grower Canopy Growth Corp., betting legalization will…

via The Company Behind Corona Beer Is Investing Nearly $4 Billion in Legal Pot — TIME

The Company Behind Corona Beer Is Investing Nearly $4 Billion in Legal Pot — TIME

August 15, 2018

#SelfCareSunday Social Media Management

July 16, 2017 1 Comment

heard it through the grapevine

heard it through the grapevine

heard it through the grapevine

heard it through the grapevine

Social media has a way of consuming more time than anticipated. The phone is a silent thief vibrating in your pocket, distracting you from whatever you are doing. There are now special programs at hotels for folks who want to do a detox. The deal is that the front desk will keep your phone locked up for you while you try to go cold turkey. You pay a fee for this service.  This example from 2009 is listed as a detox package for just $199 a day ( that is per person) at a fancy place just outside Washington, DC.  They were probably pioneers in the growing market, and DC probably does generate a lot of social media anxiety.

The terem social media management is normally used to refer to the marketing of a business using the various platforms.  What I mean is personal management and strategy.  You don’t need an expert to help you design a strategy.  You are the only person who knows how far social media has slipped into every aspect of your day.  You are the only one who really can asses your need for “likes” and what that need represents.  This is not a relationship with your phone, although it seems to be.  This social media presence is a self image, crafted by you.

There are now businesses designing custom social media detox retreats.  This is a high growth industry.  Just like the opioid crisis, the social media addiction problem can be treated with mindfulness and meditation for a long term cure.  Staying “clean” after one of these intentional cleanse periods will require a plan.  But why wait until you need an expensive intervention? Now is an excellent time to find balance between life and digital devices.

My own strategy, which works pretty well, is to have no relationship with my phone.  I don’t give out my cell phone number, and ignore my phone most of the time.  I have a land line to talk to people, and I don’t text.  I use the phone for GPS and to make calls when I travel.  I sit at my desk (like now) to write or read on the laptop.  I limit the desk time just because I am not the type who likes to sit for long periods of time.  When I finish my tasks on the computer, which include a couple of platforms, I leave it behind while I move around and do the rest of my day.  This keeps my focus on the task at hand, both at the desk (because I want to finish) and on the go.  I occasionally get sucked in for short times, but basically this system creates a functional boundary.  Have you ever thought about where your digital boundary is….or where you want it to be?  Take care of your time, gentle reader…it is a terrible thing to waste.




Fitbit Addicted

August 1, 2015 7 Comments

Fitbit monitor

Fitbit monitor

My iPod touch has suddenly lost its mind and ability to function. This might not be a big deal but when it crashed it took with it my ability to sync my Fitbit. This turns out to be a much bigger freak out than I could have imagined.  I have reset and attempted to sync it with my other devices but it refuses to operate. I am unable to count my steps/miles/calories since early this morning.  I had no idea how addicted I have become to knowing how far I have gone at what time during the day.  I dance or walk 5 miles in the morning and then put in between 3-4 more miles during the course of the day.  I love watching my little graphs and numbers move as I do.  I might be completely obsessed with these graphs, truth be told.  This temporary interruption of technical feedback shows me I need to back off the addictive qualities and enjoy the fun aspects of the Fitbit a little bit more.  Long ago in a land far away I had exercise anorexia.  I hardly suffer from that problem now, but this is  reminder to keep my attention on what is important..healthy fun.

I have found a place in Austin that will repair my iPod at a reasonable price, but since this death happened on Saturday it seems I will need to wait until Monday to communicate with the repair shop and ship the device to them.  I have done this before with an ancient iPod with success.  I believe a battery replacement will get me back to normal quickly.  If not ,I can consider repairs and costs they will present to me after a diagnosis.  All in all it will be simple for me to get my favorite device back in order.  I have an iPhone and 2 iPads, so I am not really suffering without connection.  I have all my internet powers EXCEPT my sync for the Fitbit.  I hate to admit how seriously I love those graphs and numbers on the Fitbit.  I have reset the Fitbit several times, but this is not working.

In order to embrace how helpful it is to have the graphs as well as how the graphs only represent reality, I need to chill in this situation.  I can move and dance to my heart’s content even if the Fitbit is not reporting my good deeds back to me.  The feedback has been helpful, especially the information I have gained on my sleep patterns.  The tool is only a tool, however. Reality is the important aspect of my fitness program, not how self competitive I can become with my Fitbit.  This short break might bring me to a happier medium, but when I can once again sync I  know I will be very happy.  Do you have a movement monitor, gentle reader?   I highly recommend the systems.  Just be careful you don’t get too crazy about your numbers as I have. The numbers matter less than the reality.

Library in the Sky and the 3BD

November 10, 2012 3 Comments

Library St Gallen

When I recently visited a friend in New York who uses the internet, but not social media, I explained to her why I am a fan of both. I told her that I always liked physically hanging out in libraries, and now there is no need to go anywhere to do so. During the 3 years that I have done research on my family tree has constantly improved, providing a never-ending adventure into history with more data than anyone can handle. I am in tribes with many fun food bloggers who replace my cookbook habit with exciting new ideas. It is easier to find a zillion recipes by Google than it is to hunt in a physical library. The first of November I began a library fast that will last for a year. At first I freaked out and felt very attached to the liberal use of my public library as a primary need in my life. After a while I heard my own words come back to me as I encouraged my friend to experiment …”Now the library is all around us.”

The three book diet is the most ingenious of diets proposed by Chris Brogan to all within the sound of his voice ( digital power sphere).  Such a clever little minx, he released a book and at the same time started a group dedicated to reading no more that three books all year.  The idea is to saturate oneself and reflect on the content of the books rather than speed read and move to the next conquest.  I already own all the books I have chosen, Chris’ Impact Equation having been zapped into the Kindle on the iPad the day it was released.  I also have How to think Like Leonardo da Vinci on the ibooks in the iPad.  The Sacred Contracts book came in the form of an audio CD, but I have since bought the hardback because it is useful for reference all the time.  On my long drive next week I will listen to the Sacred Contract book again, just to be immersed.  I think I shall also buy the Impact and Leonardo books on audio.  I believe that hearing things is a different form of learning than reading, and hits the mind in a different way each time.  I used to listen to the same Deepak Chopra book every time I worked out on the Pilates reformer.  I have portions memorized to the point that they will never leave my brain. The audio version of Impact Equation will be out in a few weeks, and I will buy it to back up the written one.

I have met a few other participants on the twitter feed #3bd, the most interesting of whom is actually a librarian.  I picture her in the middle of it all, and sticking to her diet.  I may plan to go to the library in St Gallen, or some other fabulous old library at the end of my restriction year. I once went to see the one in St Gall, but found it closed for restoration when I visited.  Who knows what kind of rebound this may cause.  It looks like I am collecting my own little library by owning every format of my three books to start.  This will be an interesting voyage. I can see the merits.

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