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Special Christianity

February 19, 2017 1 Comment

President Donald Trump embraces several political stances important to his conservative evangelical base. This includes support for “religious liberty” legislation and exempting evangelicals from laws upholding lesbian, gay, transgender and bisexual rights. However, Trump does not demonstrate any of the beliefs that have historically characterized evangelicalism. Unlike the majority of American evangelicals, he does not…

via This 19th Century Movement Could Explain Donald Trump’s Faith — TIME

Sun Sets on Empire

June 24, 2016 1 Comment

Brits become curious

Brits become curious

The British voted to leave the European Union and then started to google “What is the EU?”  They also started to inquire into getting Irish passports, since Ireland is in the EU.  The vote was dramatically divided between young and old in the electorate. Scotland is furious because they stayed in Great Britain recently because the Brits told them that by leaving Britain they would leave the EU.  Now they voted overwhelmingly to stay, and feel mighty baited and switched.  To add insult to injury Donald Trump flew to Scotland to “celebrate” the Brexit with his peeps.  Ever the party boy, he started tweeting his glee to the horror of Scottish people. He has run into controversy in that country with conservation groups.  Now he is indicating he is thrilled at the collapse of the currency because more people will visit his golf course.  He knows how to make a point.  Sometimes the only way to deal with current events is to laugh at them.

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