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Snitch, Tattle and Tell by @UnMakeaBully

May 31, 2016 3 Comments

This excellent production from down under shows how bullying can be contained by communication.  I found the twitter account @UnMakeaBully, a brilliant collaboration of students around the world creating anti-bullying content.  Their creativity and first hand knowledge of school bullying make the kids own content the ideal catalyst for reform. This piece highlights students’ unwillingness to reveal the truth to authorities.  They have a cultural belief that snitching is a betrayal of their other student colleagues.  They maintain a stone wall because of peer pressure.  By finding the rapport with the kids, the school authorities can change the situation for the better.  I am a huge fan of this movement.  Let’s stop little bullies from becoming grown up bullies.

The group maintains an instagram account where  they showcase the productions and the students who participate in them.  I am happily impressed with the very creative solutions these young people are finding and promoting.  If there is a starter drug for a lifetime of violent tendencies, it must be school bullying.  It is an excellent place to start to reduce needless violence in our society.  “Don’t Wait” is the group’s motto.  I could not agree more.  Please check out this group for more innovative ways to bring bullying (child as well as adult) to heel.

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